boasts being one of the safest and most reliable crypto trading platforms with zero downtime and no security breaches. Although the UK exchange might be not as big as Binance or Coinbase yet, it definitely has a few distinctive features that cannot go unnoticed.  

What’s Different?

Unfortunately, transparent trading volume is not too typical for the crypto market. For exchanges, liquidity is crucial and some companies simply fake it. claims to be the first exchange that cryptographically burns its utility tokens, which represent the platform’s trading volume, thus, their trading volume is as accurate as it can possibly be.

Another interesting feature is the platform’s democratic voting system. It’s not rare that the exchange’s customers lack the tokens they need, and the listing process takes way too long. Plus, all decisions are usually made by the exchange team not the clients. found their own way to solve this issue. The platform introduced the system of voting, DTRVoice, which has been used to successfully vote and it eventually helped to place 12 alternative coins and tokens to trade. 

And finally, the platform was built in a way that no update can interfere with the uninterrupted workflow. As the CEO of, Damian Merlak, puts it:

“The entire architecture of the system is built so that despite interventions such as adding new currencies or adding new solutions do not obstruct the current operations and already established functionalities of the platform.”

Although the platform is not available to American customers yet, the team assures that it is on their daily agenda. Also, the exchange is planning to introduce margin trading in the near future “in a slightly different way than other providers,” which should be more comprehensive and safer for the average user. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Dynamic Trading Rights Token (DTR)

Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) is an Ethereum token. Its primary purpose is to serve as a fee settlement system on the exchange. The revenue obtained from trading fees is used to buy DTR on the market and then burn the tokens via the smart contract. 

If you’re a DTR holder, your transaction will be charged at the best ask price regardless of the market depth. Non-DTR users pay the fee in the currency they are trading in. In this case, the system automatically buys DTR tokens using collected trading fee liability. 

Regular supervision and DTR burns contribute to the transparency of the platform. The main idea is to let the total emission of DTR tokens represent circulating supply as real as possible with the ultimate goal of reducing the quantity of DTR tokens to the exact number of people who hold them. 

DTR token in Lumi Wallet

It is important to keep your crypto safe and that starts with choosing the right wallet to store it in. 

Lumi Wallet was made to meet all your basic crypto needs from high security and anonymity to simple interface and a set of useful features. You can use Lumi Wallet to buy Bitcoin or Ether with a credit card, exchange and store the majority of Ethereum and selection of EOS tokens, and organize your crypto portfolio in a stylish and most convenient way.

And of course, you can hold your DTR tokens in Lumi Wallet as well!

How to make a DTR token wallet?

  • Download the Lumi Wallet app for mobile or sign up on Lumi Web Wallet
  • Create a PIN and don’t forget to write down your mnemonic (it protects your funds so keep it safe)
  • Go to the ‘Wallets’ section, tap on the ‘Ethereum Tokens’ tab and write down the token ticker that you need
  • Pick DTR from the list, confirm, and check out your new wallet!

Now you can safely store, send, and receive DTR in Lumi!

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