Lumi Collect SDK on GitHub

Good news everyone! Especially dapps that need an ETH/ERC721 wallet solution: Lumi Collect SDK is now released on Github! https://github.com/lumitechnologies/Lumi-SDK-IOS If you forgot what Collect SDK is, read this article: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/lumi-released-sdk-for-dapps-to-sign-eth-transactions?fbclid=IwAR2EfRG3uYfo_x6BZfR2n_mSGJDX4vzOVGNrdCjLzhRivcKsFTnZeJgyj-s

By Donald Tsang, ago
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Aeron: New Achievements

And How to Buy ARN Tokens with Lumi’s In-Wallet Exchange Last June we announced Lumi’s partnership with Aeron — an aspiring blockchain project that has a slightly unconventional goal rather than the majority of other crypto startups. Aeron’s blockchain based solution is going Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago