Just half a month has passed, but such a spike in enthusiasm about cryptocurrencies hasn’t been seen for a long time: the CryptoSpring is in blossom. With Bitcoin spiking upwards and altcoins following in its wake, we’ll try to navigate you through part of this dense jungle – the thriving garden of EOS.

Major EOS news

“Dracarys!” said the EOS Nation, and on May 7th, it happened. Over 34 million EOS tokens were burnt. But while GoT fans stayed anxious about the upcoming unexpected twists, EOS holders were pretty confident in what was happening – a move like that had already been conducted once about a year ago, their holdings had kept their value, and even Dan Larimer endorsed this to happen. The problem of managing inflation still remains in the long run, but burn has laid it aside for a while.

EOSIO published a new issue of the EOSIO Labs initiative: a project which is designed to support their vision of the open development model, and help to distinguish different project based on the blockchain. This issue focuses on the ideas of EOSIO Manifests, Assert Contracts, and the Security Model behind them. You can check the first Labs report here.

And NodeONE announced the relaunch of the EOS Vote tracker, a tool to view and track voting trends on the EOS mainnet. EOS Mediterranean met with NodeONE and decided to revive the EOS Vote tracker because there are never enough tools with good UI for users. And when things in the market start to look pretty positive, it’s the time to resurrect things that were considered abundant in darker times.

REX update

While REX (EOS Resource Exchange) was released at the beginning of this month, the most important question is what is it and how to use it. We found two videos covering this topic and explaining how to do it properly. The first one focuses on the process of “REXing” your EOS itself, with a calm and thorough tutorial.

The second focuses on how REX works in general, and four ways of earning money there with extra insight into the recent state of earning streams on this platform. There is not much data due to the current lifespan of REX, but the author does a nice job of explaining the basic input data.

For people who are still confused, there is a discussion thread with a couple of basic questions on reddit that may be helpful. For people concerned with low returns in REX, here is another thread to check out. And here, if you are already into REX, you can participate in a survey about leasing strategies.

But the easiest way to understand REX is just to use it, so here is the list of platforms that offer their users access to borrowing and lending REX:

EOS Authority https://eosauthority.com/rex

EOSDAQ : https://eosdaq.com/exchange/REX_EOS

EOSREX : https://eosrex.io

Bloks.io : https://bloks.io/rex

Chintai : https://eos.chintai.io/

TokenPocket : https://rex.tokenpocket.pro/#

EOS Titan : https://eostitan.com/rex

EOS Inbox : https://eosinbox.io/

Projects based on the EOS blockchain

The EOS blockchain has become a breeding ground for innovation: and the beginning of this month brought us a handful of interesting projects to check out.

An EOSwriter blog stated that WordProof just made history on the EOS blockchain. And history it made – the WordPress plugin enables users to timestamp content onto the EOS blockchain, and the first timestamp ever made on the aforementioned article – can’t be faked. The project’s mission is to help content creators be more transparent and increase the trust of their audiences. A timestamp that makes it virtually impossible for others to claim they posted your stolen article first is a step in the right direction.

Other innovative blockchain solution – Bitez.io – claims to satisfy more mundane needs: they are introducing food-delivery on the blockchain. “For all your food needs,” they state, and offer their solution to overcoming the dependence of food services on intermediaries and restaurant owners, reducing the commission fees in the whole supply chain and making direct interaction between all stakeholders much easier. If the product itself stays physical and centralized after delivery to the customers table – kudos to them!

A few months ago, Mythical Games, Scatter, and EOS Lynx announced a collaboration to develop a new dGoods Standard. It was projected to be somewhat similar to the ERC-721 Token standard used on the Ethereum blockchain, and to pursue the same goal – making the development of collectible items on EOS simpler. Now it has finally hit Public Beta, and Rudy Koch, the Co-Founder of Mythical Games, explained all the benefits of this initiative quite well.


The market has witnessed an exponential growth this month which affected all cryptocurrencies and blockchain based projects. NewsBTC introduced a comprehensive report on overall positive trends. The growth of altcoins hasn’t left EOS aside – there is an opinion that its price is primed to break $6.00 soon.

There were some major announcements from players in the industry that might broaden the EOS ecosystem in the future: Decentralized exchange, Switcheo, announced their EOS Invite-only Beta and Insights Network revealed their plan to implement the Data Exchange Smart Contract on the EOS Mainnet .

And Dan Larimer stated that Unique ID could be implemented this year, which is a broad time frame, but an exciting perspective.


The Endless Dappathon on May 5 went well, developers had a nice time asking questions on a moderated platform, seeking collaborations, and discussing current goals and competitions they are into. The event strives to become recurrent – the next one was announced – without exact dates.

The most anticipated upcoming event of this month is the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit (AIBC), which is scheduled for May 23-24, but attendees are recommended to clear their calendars from the 22nd-25th due to other complementary events.

The month started on a high note and we hope this summer will be game-changing for the whole crypto industry.

From the Lumi Wallet team, a big thanks for tuning in to us for EOS news, and until the next week!