Telcoin promotes the simple, yet very powerful idea of global money transfers by using only your mobile phone, without third-party involvement. It works directly with mobile operators, enabling easy transfers between mobile money, carrier billing, and dealer networks.

Telcoin transfers will cost less than 2%.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Telcoin combines the strength of a decentralized network with multi-signature crypto security.

The creators of Telcoin guarantee that it can easily fit into existing fee models for connecting to carrier billing and mobile money platforms.

Any fees applied are then simply deducted from the TEL issuance. The model provides low fees and aims to please the end-users, but at the same time, be profitable for networks.

Telcoin Token (TEL)

TEL is an ERC20 token and you can store, buy, sell, and manage it in Lumi Wallet.

You can download Lumi Wallet here.

Once you’ve done that, you will need to create your Telcoin wallet in the app. Tap on the ‘Manage wallets’ button in the ‘Wallets’ section, type in its name in the field, and press confirm. Now you will be able to perform all necessary operations in a matter of seconds.

Our in-wallet exchange, powered by Changelly, allows you to buy TEL in just a few clicks.

Tap on the ‘Exchange’ icon, fill in the sums, choose the desired transaction fee (or leave it, we’ll automatically pick the most appropriate), check the details again, and then press confirm. As simple as that!

You can also send and receive TEL (as well as all other ERC20 tokens, BTC, and ETH), check your activity and the token’s price graphs, organize your wallets in the most suitable order, and change your security settings for maximum convenience.

And if you still have questions, send us a message on TelegramTwitter, or Facebook.