Lumi Collect SDK on GitHub

Good news everyone! Especially dapps that need an ETH/ERC721 wallet solution: Lumi Collect SDK is now released on Github! https://github.com/lumitechnologies/Lumi-SDK-IOS If you forgot what Collect SDK is, read this article: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/lumi-released-sdk-for-dapps-to-sign-eth-transactions?fbclid=IwAR2EfRG3uYfo_x6BZfR2n_mSGJDX4vzOVGNrdCjLzhRivcKsFTnZeJgyj-s

By Donald Tsang, ago

How to buy Dentacoin with Lumi Wallet

Dentacoin is the blockchain platform for the global dental industry that focuses on improving the quality of dental care. It is one of those unusual blockchain projects that turned out to be quite a success. But if the dental industry does not sound intriguing enough for you, read our insights on Dentacoin’s Read more…

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Good to Know

Exchange or wallet?

Exchange or wallet? That is the question The question about where it’s better to store cryptocurrency is one of the most important questions. Some people prefer to use an anonymous wallet while some people find it difficult to install wallet and keep the private key. Tastes differ. However, we should know Read more…

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