How to send and receive coins and tokens

We want to present you the Step-By-Step Guide to Lumi wallet. You can learn how to send and receive crypto with Lumi and some more useful tips to help keep it safe. Let’s start!

First steps

The first step is to download Lumi. It is available for iOS and Android.  We will use iOS Lumi version for our guide. Visit our website and choose the version you need.

The second step is a creation of a wallet. Create a new one or import your current wallet using a 12-word mnemonic phrase. After that you need to create a PIN-code. You will be able to choose whether to use PIN-code or Touch/Face ID.

Before conducting any transactions, please, write down your mnemonic phrase. Make a backup of your wallet for this purpose. Go to the sidebar and press “Backup wallet”. Write down 12 words one by one (word order matters) and store it in a safe place.  Pay attention! You cannot recover your wallet if you forget or lose your mnemonic phrase!

After doing all of the above you will see the dashboard.. Here you can find the send/receive buttons and your recent activity.

How to receive

Just tap “Receive” in the left bottom corner to receive coins. You will see your QR code. You’ll need to choose the currency (BTC, ETH or tokens supported).

You can also add the precise BTC amount you would like to receive. Tap “Add amount’” and enter the amount.

How to send

Tap “Send” to send coins and tokens. Choose the needed coin or token and enter the receiver’s address or tap below to scan the receiver’s QR code and send crypto.

Enter the amount either in BTC or USD. You have an option to choose the network fee but we recommend you to choose the regular one.

Check the transaction details and press Confirm.  Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be cancelled or taken back. Double check for accuracy before confirming!

Find more

On your home page you may see three tabs: Overview, Wallets and Activity.

Move to “Wallets” and check the wallet you have. Add tokens you would like to hold. Just tap “+” and choose any available token.

You can tap on any wallet (currency) and see your recent activity.

Swipe to “Price graph” and check the rates for each cryptocurrency. You can choose the date range for the price graphs.

The “Activity” tab provides you with your transactional activity. Tap on your balance in USD and switch it to BTC.

Tap on any transaction and you will see the transaction details.

Check the Sidebar to find more useful options and information. Here you can change your PIN code, enable Touch/Face ID identification and so on. 

Check out the Lumi video guide and share it with your friends!

Open our FAQ if you still have some questions and leave you feedback on Lumi website. Enjoy Lumi!