Good news, everyone! SpaceX has finally revealed the schedule for its rideshare flights in 2020-2021, so space is closer than you think. In case you’ve got a spare $1 million and always dreamt of launching your own satellite, you can do so in the upcoming months. And you’d better hurry up because the flights are in demand.

Currently, there are three routes listed on the SpaceX website: you can fly over SSO, LEO, or Polar orbits. LEO flights will take place every month in 2021, while SSO ones will only take off in February, June, and December. There’s still no information about the flights over the Polar orbit, but you can monitor them here, if that’s something that you’re interested in. 

As cool as it sounds, launching your own satellite is not everyone’s cup of tea. First of all, it’s expensive. Secondly, most of us would prefer to discover other planets firsthand. Imagine if someone asked you whether you have enough crypto to book your ticket to the Moon. Just ten years ago it would sound foreign and funny. And yet, in 2020 it’s still hard to believe that the answer “How much does the ticket cost?” is a normal reaction.

But things have a tendency to change.

In June, after a successful rocket launch to the ISS, Elon Musk announced the start of building floating, superheavy-class spaceports that can hold up to 100 people. The official ticket price hasn’t been announced yet, but followers already estimate the cost of flight per passenger at $20-50k. 

Mind the volatility

Of course, the Lumi Wallet team couldn’t stay away from this stratospheric news and we’ve already converted the estimated cost of a ticket into various cryptocurrencies. We hope Elon will allow the use of digital currencies to reserve a seat on the shuttle by the day ticket sales start. From our side, we will make sure that all your in-wallet exchanges are free of fees with the promo code “SPACE”. 

By the time of writing, and assuming that the price of the Moon ticket will be around thirty grand, prepare to pay 3.32 BTC, 133.33 ETH, 29,899 USDT, or 21268 HEDG

Stay tuned to our wallet, enjoy the usable interface and transaction security, and check back for our updates and news on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. We definitely will be the first to tell you about interesting cryptocurrency market news. 

P.S. By the way, you can use the promo code “SPACE” already, and it will be active until the 21st of July.

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