Important notice

We usually publish prevention articles about the importance of your mnemonic’s careful storage: backup your mnemonic, securely store your mnemonic, don’t tell anyone your mnemonic phrase, etc, we’ve gone over these safety rules so many times. But this time we‘re covering extremely important upcoming news and this applies to all our users – you have to back up your mnemonic phrase (12 words) before October 30th otherwise you will lose access to your funds. 

The major update 

As with any developer, we work every day to improve our application and try to ensure that the update process does not affect the working quality of our application, and even more so the usability of the wallet.

But, for reasons beyond our control, this time IOS users will face some inconveniences related to their in-wallet login. On October 30th, all our users using the IOS operating system will be forcibly logged out from the wallet. According to Apple’s internal regulations, such updates will lead to loss of keychain access, and therefore all IOS users will automatically lose access to their wallets.

That’s why we once again urge all our users to check one more time if there is a backup of your mnemonic and if your mnemonic is still kept in a safe place. Do you remember where it is stored? Please, check now, it is important! If you have not yet made a backup of the mnemonic, we strongly recommend that you do so before October 30

To backup your mnemonic, please follow the instructions below or watch the video guide:

  1. Open your wallet and click on “Menu” in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on “General”. 
  3. Choose “Backup Wallet”.
  4. Enter the pin code or use face ID.
  5. Write down the mnemonic in the correct sequence (from 1 to 12 words respectively).
  6. Confirm your mnemonic by filling in the words according to their number. 
  7. Keep your mnemonic in a safe place.

We hope you will follow our recommendations, because after you log out of the wallet, you will need your mnemonic to re-login. We will not be able to help you restore access, regardless of how much money you have there. 

Your mnemonic is the key to your funds

Every day we receive dozens of letters from our users with requests to restore access to the wallet. And in 100% of cases, we cannot help them with access recovery, if the issue is in a lost mnemonic. We do not have access to the user’s private keys and do not store it on our servers. Your wallets are completely dependent on you and if you lose your phone, it breaks down, or you accidentally log out of the wallet, then the only way to restore access is your mnemonic. And in the case of the upcoming update, you will need the mnemonic, since the log out from the application will be forced.

Once again to consolidate the above information
On October 30th all of Lumi Wallet’s clients using the IOS operating system will be logged out from the wallet. To re-login you will need your Mnemonic (12 secret words). Make sure you back up the mnemonic. To do so, go to the menu → general → backup wallet → enter pin code → write down mnemonic in the correct sequence → confirm your mnemonic → keep it in a safe place, and don’t forget where you put it. We hope you understand your responsibility for your funds and will do as we recommend.