There are a few topics that never get old or redundant and crypto trading is clearly one of them. Every day this mysterious and lucrative industry attracts new bargain hunters and many of them have no idea where or how to start. More experienced crypto traders look for a different type of help – from taxes to trading bots there’s a myriad of sites and tools that can be helpful. 

Whether you’re just starting out or continuing your crypto trading career, take a look at the following resources, which might make your experience a little easier. 

HedgeTrade: Crypto Price Predictions

HedgeTrade is a platform dedicated to delivering the most accurate predictions of professional traders from all around the globe. Even if you’re not a big fan of the predictions, you might consider giving HedgeTrade the benefit of the doubt as they try to provide fair schemes for everyone. 

When using the platform, traders post their crypto price predictions via the smart contract-powered Blueprint and users can purchase or unlock them for access. If the Blueprint happens to be correct, the trader gets the rewards. If the trader’s prediction fails, the users get their money back. 

HedgeTrade features include:

  • User-friendly for experts and beginners
  • High-end experience from any device
  • Real-time data and market insights
  • Fast execution speeds

The platform runs on the HEDG token, which by the way you can safely keep in Lumi Wallet. Expert traders stake HEDG tokens when making a prediction and amateur traders pay in HEDG to unlock it. 

Learn 2 Trade: Educational Platform

Learn 2 Trade is a big educational hub for different types of traders that provides forex market analysis, comprehensive guides, and live market updates. Although the main goal of the platform is to educate, traders can also check their real-time trading signals for all asset classes.

Apart from commodities, indices, and forex, the platform dedicated a segment to cryptocurrency trading due to its growing popularity. Learn 2 Trade offers tips and guidance on cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocurrency trading strategies, as well as social crypto trading.

TradingView: Crypto Trading Charts

If you’re serious about your trading, we’re sure you’ve already heard of TradingView. The platform is famous for its easy and straightforward trading chart tool. All chartists can find something for their level. t helps beginners quickly figure out the basics and at the same time provides enough functionality for seasoned traders. Real-time data and browser-based charts allow research regardless of where you are as you don’t need to install or set it up.

It is as easy as it gets: open TradingView and you can start charting, learning, and sharing trading ideas immediately. 

“Trading on the financial markets is lonely. TradingView lets you discover investment ideas and showcase your talents to a large and active community of traders. Freely discuss, share and learn with thousands of market participants.”

Not only does the website allow you to publish your own ideas, but it also allows you to browse through the works of other fellow traders and get inspired.

TradeSanta: Crypto Trading Bot

From crypto trading charts to crypto trading bots – there’s no lack of either. A trading bot is a software that analyzes the market and automates the trading process. Although depending fully on these bots might not be the best idea, there’s nothing wrong with using it to support your trading while learning about crypto market strategies.

TradeSanta crypto trading bot is a software that allows you to benefit from the cryptocurrency market fluctuations and automates your trading when using Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and HitBTC. 

All you need to do is set up an access point and configure the parameters such as a trading pair, long or short-term strategy, take profit level, and more. After you’re done with preparations, the bot will start trading right away after it receives a signal from technical indicators. Along with the Take profit order, the bot places a few extra orders to take advantage of the changing price and adapt the trading strategy depending on the market conditions. 

TradeSanta has a few features that give this bot an extra point:

  • Straightforward guides and tutorials
  • Choice of strategies
  • Strong support 

However, as we’ve mentioned in the beginning, there are a lot of other crypto trading bots to choose from. Just make sure that the software that you pick is reliable, secure, transparent, brings you profits, and is easy-to-use.

Altcoin Fantasy: Crypto Trading Simulator

Now, what if you keep contemplating whether crypto trading is your thing? If you’re not ready to jump into the deep end immediately, try practicing first. Altcoin Fantasy is a risk-free crypto trading simulator that allows you to get a glimpse of what it’s like to trade crypto. You can choose from 1400+ cryptocurrencies and adjust your holding throughout the contest. And it has a competitive aspect – the players with the highest holdings win weekly money and other prizes from sponsors.

Altcoin Fantasy

The game comes in the form of an app, available for iOS and Android users, and offers more than 15 types of game types that will teach you the basics of the cryptocurrency trade. 

And the best thing – it’s completely free.

Crypto Trading Course by Investopedia

Investopedia, along with many other educational websites, has a cryptocurrency trading course. It is suitable for advanced crypto traders who aren’t new to the industry and are looking to move beyond the basics and are ready to come up with their own crypto trading strategies.


The course contains 70 lessons, including video and exercises, and gives you valuable insights not only on the main coins like Bitcoin or Ether, but also on more than 1,500 altcoins.  

The course promises to shift your focus to money-making opportunities, decipher some of the most important blockchain apps, give a few ideas on how to choose your wallet, exchange, and the best crypto to invest in. In the end, you will master the art of technical analysis and develop entry and exit strategies. 

Although it’s not free, $199 to be precise, you’ll get to systemize your knowledge and learn a few useful skills. 

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