Since bitcoin’s whitepaper was released, crypto enthusiasts from all over the world have been on a mission to create their very own currency. Some coins have made it to the top, others are long gone.

Nobody can be 100% sure if the project will meet expectations or fail to deliver, however, one should never forget the three major things that will definitely come in handy: common sense, a strong team, and a solid idea.

The FREE Coin Project: Overview

Meet FREE Coin — an ERC20 token that wants to make cryptocurrency available to anyone. The coin was created to solve two important problems that the crypto industry is experiencing.

First of all, the FREE Coin team are big supporters of mass adoption (aren’t we all?). They want to achieve global mass usage and make cryptocurrency accessible to absolutely everyone by providing the correct level of supply to support worldwide usage of crypto and a simplified process of purchasing.

The maximum supply is 10.000 Billion FREE Coins which equals about 1.400 FREE coins per person on earth.

Secondly, FREE Coins aims to make cryptocurrency inclusive. By inclusive, they mean they will provide access to cryptocurrency profits to people with less financial means by setting the smallest price for their token.

The FREE coin is distributed via various exchanges like Purcow, QIEX, CoinTiger, HotBit, etc, and via webshop using PayPal.

The FREE Coin Team

The FREE coin was started by a small team of unpaid volunteers. The number and composition of the FREE coin Core Team evolves as a function of the project phase, skills needed, and workload to be done.

They do not to consider themselves as the long term owners of the FREE coin, but simply as start-up enthusiasts. Once all coins are distributed, the FREE coin is supposed to function as a self-regulating eco-system.

What You Can Do with FREE Coin in Lumi Wallet

To begin with, you should download our app and create a FREE Coin Wallet. For that, simply tap on the ‘Manage wallets’ button in the ‘Wallets’ section and start typing in the name of the project. Choose the one you need from the list and press the ‘Ok’ button.

You can organize your crypto wallets the way you want to see them simply by holding the wallet icon and dragging it to the right place. It’s as simple as that.

Now you can safely store, receive, and send your FREE Coin. Tap on the ‘Receive’ button to get your wallet address. Send this address to the person who wants to send you the coin or type it in the exchange where you’re purchasing the token.

If you want to send your FREE to anyone, start by tapping on the ‘Send’ icon and fill in the receiver’s address. You can also set up a custom gas fee but we recommend you skip this step and pay the suggested price.

Lumi Wallet also allows you to exchange (buy or sell) some other ERC20 tokens and the most popular cryptos such as BTC or ETH.

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Please note that Lumi’s goal is not to provide investment advice but to give you an opportunity to store and manage your digital assets. Invest wisely!