First, we added EOS wallets to Lumi, then we held a smashing free EOS account giveaway (and by the way, we’ve decided to make a good habit out of it and give away 100 EOS accounts at a random time for our most attentive audience). And now you can buy, sell, and exchange the coin in our apps.

Why is that important?

We believe that crypto should be simple and accessible. In our ideal crypto-friendly world, anyone can effortlessly swap their tokens, buy goods and services with coins, and never think twice about the whole process. And we really mean it.

Buy, Sell, and Hold EOS in Lumi 

Lumi Wallet users can now easily exchange EOS directly in the app. 

  • Download Lumi Wallet 
  • Tap on the ‘Exchange’
  • Fill in the necessary amount of EOS you want to buy or other crypto you’re willing to trade
  • Confirm and check your new balance
Exchange EOS in Lumi Wallet

Just like you do with other coins, — whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or ERC20 tokens — exchange your crypto to EOS in a few clicks directly in our app. 

Currently, you may only use cryptocurrency to buy tokens and coins in Lumi but very soon we will add a fiat option. This means you’ll be able to use your credit card to buy coins in Lumi Wallet. This way, we will broaden the payment options and make it extremely easy for anyone far from the industry to give crypto a try. 

EOS and Lumi Wallet Integration

Our team is devoted to fully integrating the entire EOS ecosystem into Lumi Wallet. The priorities, as we mentioned earlier in our roadmap, include:

  • EOS dapp support
  • EOS token integration
  • Voting system for EOS block producers

We’re scheduled to finalize EOS integration by the end of the year and once it’s done, we can move on with other exciting projects. And if you’ve got an idea, feel free to share it with us at [email protected]. Same goes for tokens and dapps who are searching for new listing opportunities. Don’t hold back, contact us!

Meanwhile, our users are very welcome to give the EOS exchange a try. And if you’re not sure how EOS transfers work, take a look at some useful info regarding the EOS resources so your transactions always stay on the right track!

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