While Bitcoin is climbing its way to the top, our team is busy with refining the Lumi wallet apps in a bid to make them even more multifunctional and ultimately convenient. One of the latest updates will come in handy for all dapp supporters – both users and developers. Our new addition is a dapp browser and we hope it will help you save space and time while surfing the decentralized web.

What Dapp Browser is For

Initially, we started supporting Ethereum gaming dapps on our Lumi Collect app, a digital wallet for crypto collectibles (ERC721 or NFT), allowing its users to play blockchain games on their mobile phones and execute Ethereum transactions.

This turned to be a great initiative and we were impressed with a great response from the dapp community. That inspired us to go even further in this direction and equip our main product with a dapp browser as well, so that users can get instant access to dozens of dapps inside one single app — Lumi Wallet.

We decided to start with supporting Ethereum applications, but plan to allow our users to interact with EOS dapps in the future. Just like we promised in our roadmap.

Our friends and partners, dapp.com, supported this idea and made a valuable contribution to the current update. As of now, Lumi Wallet app users can try our brand new dapp browser firsthand.

Tap on the ‘dApp’ button on the bottom right and scroll down to explore available dapps. You can also use the filters to search for the specific applications you’re after, be it games, exchanges, tools, art, or others; and also, you’re free to pick the blockchain that powers them.

Currently, Lumi Wallet allows you to interact with the Ethereum-powered dapps, so choose the one you like, tap on the ‘Website’ button, connect your wallet, and give this rocking (hopefully) dapp a try!

ethereum dapps on lumi wallet

By introducing this new function to Lumi Wallet, we hope to save our users’ time and phone space and strive to be a one-stop platform for all your blockchain needs. Forget about multiple apps and open tabs in your mobile browser, manage your crypto business within your wallet.

Reach Out to Us

Lumi Wallet is always looking forward to making new friends and partners. We encourage all dapp developers who want to broaden their outreach and find new ways to display their work to drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re positive that we can figure out the logistics of cooperation and take a little step towards mass adoption together.

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