It’s been two weeks since our update to buy cryptocurrency via Apple Pay. The news spread across all sources, reaching more than 110 million readers of various media. Many iOS users have already tried out the new feature, and we have received tons of positive feedback from our users. On Friday, some countries celebrated Christmas, and we sincerely wish you a happy holiday!

Very soon, 2020 will end, and we hope that 2021 will be full of new impressions, new technological advances, and, of course, stable growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency in the financial market. For the past week, Bitcoin has been hitting all historical highs. Now the value of BTC is at a new peak of $27,500.

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  2. Bitcoin skyrocket to $24k on Thursday. It then climbed to $25k, and reached an all-time high of $27,500 over the weekend. The capitalization of BTC exceeded $510 billion — according to this indicator, the first cryptocurrency surpassed such giants like Samsung and TSMC.
  3. The US authorities have introduced new rules for cryptocurrency users. Under new proposed regulations from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, you will need to send data about transactions over $3000 to private wallets and the cryptocurrency owners. The new rule caused immense dissatisfaction of users on social networks. Experts believe that this restriction contradicts the very idea of cryptocurrency, which should provide anonymity and impartiality.
  4. Dogecoin surged 40% thanks to a simple tweet from Elon Musk about the cryptocurrency. On December 20, Elon Musk again pumped DOGE shares. I had a little laugh about Bitcoin and posted a viral meme that spread all over the Internet. It’s incredible that Elon Musk can influence markets by just typing a few words. Musk did not say more about the cryptocurrency or invite investment in it, but he did change his Twitter bio to “Former CEO of Dogecoin.” When the hype subsided, Elon Musk’s Twitter account became normal again. We are waiting for new provocations.
  5. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused the Ripple platform of obtaining $1.3 billion by illegally selling securities under the guise of XRP tokens. Another 4 companies have stopped supporting the Ripple token. Simplex has started blocking transactions with the startup’s cryptocurrency. The Bitwise Fund removed it from its index and sold all XRP. From December 22 to 24, the price of the coin fell by more than 50%. The media has already dubbed the news about the Ripple token: “This is the beginning of the end.”
  6. “Ledger hardware wallet users might be in danger of physical attacks with their addresses part of the user data dump by suspected hackers”. The names, mailing addresses, and phone numbers for 272,000 customers of cryptocurrency wallet company Ledger have been released online by hackers. The hackers gained access to the information when they penetrated Ledger’s databases in July this year. According to reports, the stolen information has been posted on Raidforums, a site for sharing hacked databases. The company has already refused to compensate users for damages.

All information stated above is provided only for general information purposes. We do not promote any cryptocurrency, do not recommend or advise anything. All decisions about investments should be made by yourself. Our team works to satisfy our clients’ needs.

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