The main news of this week that concerns our users – the upcoming update to Lumi Wallet may cause some inconvenience to IOS users, all of whom will be forcibly logged out from their wallets. To re-login you will need your mnemonic, so you have to backup your mnemonic phrase (12 words) before October 30th otherwise you will lose access to your funds. 

Read about this and other reports in our summary of the main and current affairs in the cryptocurrency market this week:

  1. Attention to all Lumi Wallet’s users !!! On October 30th, all IOS users will be forcibly logged out from the wallet. You need to backup your mnemonic to re-login, otherwise you will lose access to your funds. Read more in our special article
  1. The bitcoin price hit $11,380 by the end of this week. This news is accompanied by another extremely interesting affair – Grayscale invested $1.05B into digital assets, in the lead is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), with an inflow of just under $720 million in this quarter.
  1. The Ether price is back on track to $500, by the end of this week its price had risen to $368. Ethereum also successfully launched a dress-rehearsal testnet for the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0. Unlike previous attempts, this testnet was smooth with enough participation and no major bugs.
  1. The Lumi Wallet team has decided to share statistical information about users’ activity with our readers. So according to our data, over the past week in Lumi Wallet the purchase of bitcoin increased by 11.2%. Another statistic shows that on average, our support team needs 20 min to cover a user’s email requests and within an hour the user’s problem is completely solved.
  1. Everyone wants to join in the hype surrounding Bitcoin, and Ocean Builders are no exception. The company has bought an Australian cruise ship and renamed it “Satoshi”. They have plans to fill it with crypto companies, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads as a hub for innovation, offering a unique space in which crypto entrepreneurs can build and network.
  1. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, urged followers to donate Bitcoins to support the fight to end police (Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS) brutality in Nigeria. A few days ago we covered another interesting piece of news related to Dorsey, as he wants to change the purpose of Twitter as a content hosting service. 
  1. If you missed this news during the week on our social media, we will cover it in our weekly digest. Cryptocurrency project Algorond advisor Paul R. Milgrom has just received the Nobel prize in Economics. Milgrom designed new types of auctions for markets.
  1. OKEx, one of the main crypto exchanges, suddenly suspended crypto withdrawals and their users were trapped. Some media says the reason for it is one of the holders of its private keys is “currently cooperating with a public security bureau”. Some of them say that its CEO was arrested by the police. All this news lead to Bitcoin (BTC) falling nearly 3%, OKEx’s native token OKB has crashed 15%.

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