What are the most valuable commodities in the digital market these days? While advertising on the web, companies all over the world fight for two things: your data and your attention. 

They’ve already tricked us into thinking that we should give away our data for free, just for the sake of using their services, instead of actually rewarding us for it. They also often force us to watching ads in exchange for sharing a piece of content. More and more websites require you to turn your ad blockers off in order to access the info. And finally, on a daily basis, we produce unique content, post it online and get nothing or very little in return.

Consequently, we contribute time and share our personal data, and the platforms we use for that are not willing to pay the price. This model is so unreasonable that it basically begged for a change. And thanks to the blockchain, the change wasn’t long in coming.

Brave Browser: The New Approach

Brave open source browser was created by the all-about-privacy team with the clear goal of reshaping the web as we know it. 

Brave takes a different approach and completely changes the system: instead of accepting the role of bystanders, users can be substantially involved in their web-browsing activities by earning and giving away cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) in particular.  

The browser boasts exceptional speed and loads pages two times faster when using a desktop version and 8 times faster on mobile. If the numbers sound a bit over the top for you, they’ve got a piece of speed test video evidence. 

Speed Test

And of course, Brave’s default settings block phishing, malware, and malvertising. 

The model of rewarding its users that Brave come up with is simple, yet inspiring.

Brave Rewards: Earn and Tip Crypto While Surfing the Web via Brave Browser 

Brave Rewards is a system that allows users to reward their favorite content creators with cryptocurrency and receive payments for watching custom ads. It’s up to you whether you want to automatically reward your most-visited websites by setting a monthly fee or tip the content creators that you like manually.

As for the ads, not only they are getting less annoying with Brave, but also not a single byte of data will leave your computer if you ever choose to watch them. And of course, if you do decide to give that ad a green light, you’ll get as much as 70% of the ad revenue in BAT tokens for doing that. 

To sum it all up, there are three main concepts you need to know about when using Brave:

  • You can set up a monthly fee in BAT crypto for your most visited content creators
  • You can tip any content makers in BAT crypto whenever you feel like it
  • You can get BAT rewards for watching ads if you choose to watch them

More than 1, 000,000 content creators and publishers including Vice, WikiHow, The Guardian, Coindesk,  Washington Post and many more have already signed up for the gig.

All About Privacy: New Type of Ads in Brave and BAT Rewards

The best thing about the ads in Brave is that they don’t collect your info. If you sign up for Brave Rewards, all the ad matching will take place exclusively on your device and your data will stay yours. Depending on your browser activity, Brave Rewards decides which ads to show but the whole accounting process is completely anonymous. 

What is Basic Attention Token and how to earn BAT in Brave Browser?
Brave Ads

Another thing worth mentioning is that those ads are not distracting and come in the form of notifications so you can still go through the content uninterruptedly. If you click on them, you’ll simply open a new Brave tab. 

And you’re free to choose how many times per hour you want to see those ads.

If you are still contemplating whether you should try Brave browser out, the numbers speak for themselves: earlier this month Brave browser announced they hit 34.4 million active users per month. Moreover, the ads they were running have generated a 15,8% click-through rate while the average number doesn’t usually exceed 2%. 

BAT Token: Building the Blockchain Economy on the New Web

Basic Attention Token is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain made for rewarding users, contributors, and advertisers.  The token is not a form of stake or ownership and you won’t be able to use BAT for anything else except for interaction with the platform. 

Keep in mind, that BAT is first and foremost a utility token and that’s probably one of the main reasons why it has been doing so well compared to other less successful ERC20. The main goal is to make BAT work and be useful for Brave users. Of course, nobody will stop you from trading it to other crypto and fiat, but initially, that wasn’t a purpose behind it.

How Else Do You Get BAT?

Apart from earning BAT directly on its native platform, you can exchange your Ethereum, Bitcoin, or another crypto to BAT in Lumi Wallet. It works both ways, so if you happen to watch too many ads or received a few extra tips and not sure what to do with all that goodness, you can easily exchange it to ETH, BTC, or another cryptocurrency of your choice in Lumi.

What is Basic Attention Token and how to earn BAT in Brave Browser?

Also, if you have already decided to join a first-class crypto family, now you can buy BAT in LUMI. And it’s really cool.

Guide: How to buy BAT in LUMI Wallet

What is Basic Attention Token and how to earn BAT in Brave Browser?

1. Open the Lumi app 

2. Click on the ” buy ” button in the lower right corner

3. In the first window, select the currency for payment

4. In the second window, you look for BAT among the currencies

5. Choose payment by card 

6. In the pop-up window, enter your card details

7. Pass the standard Simplex verification

8. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

And if you happened to earn the BAT tokens and haven’t decided what to do with them yet, just hold them until you make up your mind!

Lumi Wallet allows you to safely store various cryptocurrencies including BAT and manage all your blockchain wallets in one place. Our app and web wallet are easy and straightforward so you won’t have to think twice before taking any action. From organizing your blockchain portfolio to buying crypto – you name it, we’ve got you!

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