What crypto enthusiast doesn’t like a good airdrop? Ever since ICOs became a ‘thing’, numerous projects have started airdropping their tokens (which basically means they give away tokens for free or in exchange for more or less simple tasks) in order to spice up the public’s interest, attract additional attention, and eventually, bring in new investors.

However, some disingenuous companies made a habit of overusing this model as a cheap way to grow their community, create a buzz around projects, and overstate their social media presence. On top of that, scammers go as far as using your profile to generate referrals or even ask for private keys and other personal info for their foul play.

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, you’re well aware that under no circumstances are you required to share your private keys with strangers, aren’t you?

It’s not always easy to spot dishonest activities right away, especially if you’re keen on participating in multiple airdrops at the same time. Normally, if you want to stay on the safe side, you need to do your own research every time you sign up for an airdrop. But reading a white paper alone takes a lot of time.

So you still might go through with this and ‘investigate’ a couple of projects on your own and take some time before you actually start wondering if there’s a way to automate this process. Luckily, there’s a platform that does the ‘homework’ (or as AirdropRating call it ‘dirty’ work) for you.


Meet AirdropRating.io, your one-stop source for all the hottest and, most importantly, reliable airdrops.

The platform says that first and foremost, they value your safety and thoroughly check every project before verifying it. Then the team analyzes the amount of time, effort and tools users will need in order to participate, as well as the end reward and the possible future value of the particular coin or token.

If we break it down into several steps, the ultimate AirdropRating evaluation model is going to look something like this:

  • USD value of tokens or coins you will receive
  • Effort and complexity of joining the airdrop
  • Quality of the company behind the airdrop
  • Prospects of tokens or coins to go higher in the long run
  • Risk of scam

Although they do not take any responsibility for your investment decisions (let’s be honest, it’s always your call), the team is very passionate about the projects they list.

AirdropRating and Lumi Wallet Partnership

Recently, AirdropRating set eyes on the EOS blockchain and they are about to start listing a small number of EOS tokens’ airdrops. Actually, right now they are giving away $3 worth of free DRAGON tokens (check it out here).

As you know, Lumi Wallet is chasing a similar goal. We’re doing our part to make the EOS blockchain mainstream and highlighting the news and the most interesting and promising projects.

Lumi Wallet, together with AirdropRating, is going to support outstanding EOS-powered platforms and their airdrops. So if you’re an EOS fan, EOS curious, or simply want to give it a try hassle-free, go ahead and check out the available options here.

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