Thinking of selling your Bitcoin but not sure how? We’ve got some awesome news for you: now you can withdraw Bitcoin directly to your VISA cards in just a few clicks via Lumi Wallet! 

It doesn’t get any simpler and faster than that!

Bitcoin to Credit Card  

There’s no lack of services that allow buying crypto but when it comes to selling and converting your assets back to fiat, things get a little complicated. 

Once we enabled Lumi Wallet users to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with their credit cards, we received many requests to add another feature that allows selling Bitcoin. And that makes sense.

Because you cannot hold forever, can you? 

Actually, we’re pretty sure you can but regardless decided to provide you with an option to easily convert your cryptocurrency assets back to fiat. Just so you have a choice.

Today we are happy to present this brand-new Lumi Wallet feature to you: cryptocurrency withdrawals to our customers in Europe. 

How to Sell Cryptocurrency via Lumi Wallet

If you live in the Euro area, you can already try withdrawing Bitcoin that you own to your VISA card. Both mobile versions of Lumi Wallet (iOS and Android apps) support this functionality.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open Lumi Wallet and tap on the ‘Withdraw’ icon
  • Fill in the amount of BTC or Euro you’re willing to withdraw
  • Enter your email and verify it
  • Fill in your credit card details and press continue
  • Upload your identity document and a selfie
  • Wait until the transaction is approved

Please, check detailed instructions on how to withdraw Bitcoin here.

If you need help or want to check the status of your operation, please drop a line to [email protected].

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