Try Lumi with new web interface

Lumi developers has launched web interface for your favorite crypto wallet. It is as easy and reliable as mobile version.

Here you have two options: you can sign up or import your existing wallet into new Lumi account if it meets the BIP 44 derivation standard. For example, you can import your Jaxx or wallet to Lumi.

Sure, you want to know how does it work.

There is a little difference between wallet for your device and its web version. Speaking about the app, a creation of a private key happens entirely on your device, not on Lumi wallet servers. As for the web version, here your password is a way to open your account and it cannot be accessed without it. This password opens your hashed private key. We don’t know or store your password we can’t also reset it, only you are able to unlock and decrypt your wallet still.

So, the main idea is that only the client knows his private key. Of course, it is kept on servers but can be accessed by the owner on the client side.  So, you can open your acc only entering right account password or importing your mnemonic phrase.

Web version also provides you with all the opportunities of mobile one!

You can receive or send crypto. On the left you will see your total balance and BTC and ETH price graphs.

Your account safety is caused by many factors:

1. Login notification via email (each time the enter to your account is made we send you a message).

2. Backup of the wallet (It can help you to recover your account if you forgot a password).

3. 2-step verification (When entering you also can set an option to enter special verification code with the help of Google Authenticator). 

You will see friendly smiles if everything is done for your account safety.

Try web interface for Lumi wallet and enjoy the proven security in a new form! Send your feedback and suggestions here [email protected].

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