No matter how well-informed and educated you think you are, the topics of blockchain and cryptocurrency are inexhaustible. You more than likely won’t start trading like a pro or go all the way to the deep depths of blockchain tech in a month, but if you’re focused and consistent enough in your self-educating process you are destined to succeed. So the main trick is to keep the self-education process going. 

Luckily, there is no lack of free educational websites that can help you with your studies and we’ve collected the ones you can doubtlessly trust.



Probably one of the largest websites dedicated to educating its readers about blockchain and cryptocurrency, 99Bitcoins is a must-read for everyone who is new to the space. The platform constantly updates its guides and reviews on all things crypto and publishes new reviews, tutorials, and videos.

Whether you’re looking for a decent crypto exchange or setting up your very first mining rig, you will find the answer on 99Bitcoins. If you’re no newbie, their content might not fit your needs, although they do post and update a number of useful product reviews that are worth checking out. 

And it is safe to say that 99Bitcoins is one source on all things crypto that you can wholeheartedly trust. 



There are several great things about the Blockgeeks platform. 

First of all, the site features more than 60 courses and also offers some of them for free in addition to hundreds of open access guides.  

Secondly, their paid subscription gives you unlimited access to expert courses, paths to guide your learning, tools to measure your skills, and exercise files. 

Thirdly, it’s suitable for anyone whether you’re a blockchain expert or have zero knowledge whatsoever. 

Also, they constantly update their articles and publish new ones on a regular basis to make sure their readers get the most relevant info. 

And finally, their web course is recommended by established authorities like Steve Wozniak and Vitalik Buterin. 

Blockgeeks’ advice to crypto beginners is to start with understanding the basic  economics and obtain a few universal skills like reading charts and monitoring market trends. 

“Always do your research about any investment opportunities. In order to do your due diligence with crypto, you have to understand tokenomics, that is what gives a token value, what the token can be used for and different reasons for investing in a particular project. You also need to make sure you know how to spot a scam.”

Blockgeeks work closely with industry leaders such as Ethereum and Hyperledger and sum up everything you need to know about blockchain: development, investment, and real-world business use cases.   

Moreover, they’ve created a free rewards program, L+Earn, that lets you earn crypto while learning.  

Use The Bitcoin was brought to life by a team of enthusiasts who understood the importance of providing an alternative to the current payment and economical sector.  Although the website is focused on crypto news delivery, it also has an impressive educational section with high-quality articles that cover the most important blockchain and cryptocurrency-related topics.  

So, if you’re looking for a  place to learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other worth-while cryptocurrencies, you should definitely take a look at their ‘Guides’ page.

The website’s ‘Analysis’ section is also worth checking out: from coin’s price predictions to CryptoKitties’ smart contract examination, there is something for everybody.



CryptoZink is an educational and informational platform for crypto beginners that offers its readers real-time market data, honest news, a variety of guides, reviews on crypto exchanges, price index data, and also provides a set of useful tools such as crypto charts, calculator, ATM locations and more. The website has listed over 2,500 cryptocurrencies, more than 150 cryptocurrency exchanges, and over 8,000 virtual currency markets. 

If you’re new to the crypto space, check out their e-book “Bitcoin: A Guide for Beginners“. And those of you who plan to kickstart a crypto trading career should take a look at the article on the most common mistakes that beginners tend to make

101 Blockchains

learn blockchain
101 Blockchains

If you’re a leading enterprise professional looking to expand your area of knowledge and explore what blockchain tech has to offer, there is a website that can fit your needs. 101 Blockchains is a well-established provider of enterprise blockchain research and training that is on a mission to make anyone who will take the trouble become blockchain experts.

101 Blockchains training programs are available for individuals and all types of businesses, small, medium or large. The courses are created and delivered by a world-renowned global team of blockchain experts and the customized program allows flexible learning. 

You will gain a clear understanding of strategic approaches that big enterprises take to make their project successful and study a variety of use-cases for deeper practical understanding. 

The platform offers a free basic 5-day crash course on the fundamentals of blockchain and a variety of paid programs and in-person training, as well as free guides, reviews, and webinars. All students that have successfully completed the course will get a certification.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

If you’ve been doing at least a little bit of research in the fields of blockchain and crypto, you probably came across the Buy Bitcoin Worldwide website on several occasions. It is one of the most fully-featured and straightforward resources on all things blockchain and crypto. The website will easily guide you through the entire process of buying Bitcoin and all that it entails. 

The website has a filter tool that will help you find the best crypto purchasing option, depending on the country of your residence and payment method. Apart from explaining the basics, the website reviews the most popular wallets and exchanges and briefly touches on the topic of mining. 



Coinsutra is another great blog for all of you who are devoted to getting in-depth knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency topics. The basics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain security, and earning and trading crypto – are just a few main highlights this platform features. 

Their content is useful for readers of different backgrounds and has answers to the majority of crypto-related questions you’ll wonder about during your blockchain studies. 

The website started as a simple Bitcoin guide and grew into an entire community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who share a passion for technology and are willing to help one another with a deeper understanding of the industry. 


Bitdegree claims to be the first blockchain-based educational platform. Apart from teaching digital skills like programming languages, web development, machine learning, and blockchain itself, and bringing educators and students together, the website tries to add an element of fun to the learning process. 

They use blockchain tech to record results and pay tuition fees in tokens. Although there are quite a few free courses, premium and advanced cost money. And if you happen to pay in BDG tokens, you’ll get a good discount.


Bitpremier is a great source for cryptocurrency and blockchain newcomers who are just taking their first steps in the space. The website provides comprehensive and straightforward guides on how to buy or mine crypto and which exchange and wallet to choose.

“Regardless of your proficiency with technology, we want to make sure you can still have access to this groundbreaking technology. Our guides break things down to a beginner level, as we want to make sure no one is excluded.”

Platinum Crypto Academy

For over 5 years, Platinum Crypto Academy has offered an opportunity for anyone crypto-curious to step up their game and learn how to become the best in the field and monetize their new knowledge. Their ultimate goal is to become the best cryptocurrency and blockchain related educational platform and they’ve made sure to gather a strong team of experts who can provide high-level trading training. 

If you decide to go all the way with the membership, you’ll get one-on-one training from specialists with a wide range of expertise, including:

  • Crypto Technical Analysts
  • Crypto Fundamental Research Analysts
  • Financial Strategists
  • Risk Managers
  • Crypto News Analysts
  • Crypto Volume specialists

So if you’ve been serious about becoming a full-time crypto trader and are looking for a solid knowledge base, Platinum Crypto Academy’s course can come in rather handy.


Coindiligent has a goal of facilitating cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in the most obvious and efficient way – by publishing competent educational content and news. The website engages blockchain industry experts and shares their expertise and opinions with its readers in the form of guides and reviews.

“In the cryptocurrency space, it pays to be diligent. CoinDiligent is your trusted source for the latest cryptocurrency news, analysis and opinions.”

Their top articles explore the topics of crypto investments, security tips, best exchanges, and even whether or not you should jump into the crypto space.


Another resource that cryptocurrency newcomers can trust and put to use is Btcbeginners. The blog aims to deliver content in a simple and comprehensive way so anyone is able to understand the very basics of the crypto and blockchain space in a matter of minutes. 

The topics explore the bitcoin network, cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, decentralized and mainstream, blockchain technology, mining and master nodes,  as well as trending bounties, airdrops and news. New content is published weekly. 

Go CryptoWise

Go CryptoWise

The Go CryptoWise team is clearly passionate about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and the bright future that they promise. Focusing on real value, transparency, and honesty, the website delivers crypto-related news and publishes useful reviews and comparisons of blockchain platforms. 

By listening to feedback such as comments, questions, and analytics, Go CryptoWise always puts the reader first and moderates its content to make sure it is less technical and more straightforward. 

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