Relying on one controversial opinion, it takes roughly 10,000 hours to master a skill and call yourself an expert in almost any field, no matter how competitive it is. While it may sound convincing to some, the statement is still disputable. If you’re into TED talks, you might have seen Josh Kaufman challenging this point of view

His take is that you only need to practice for 45 minutes daily during the course of a month. As long as you follow four simple rules, stay on track, and dedicate at least 20 hours to practice, it should be enough to rock whatever you’re trying to conquer. 

Certification courses that often fall into this 20-hour time range are rapidly gaining popularity. Apart from saving time, they are a much cheaper option than getting a degree and, in some cases, can even be more efficient. You can spend years lounging in uni or pull yourself together and learn a new profession within several months. 

In no way are we trying to discourage you from getting a degree, we’re just showing alternatives to those of you who do not have the funds or other resources to enroll in a long-term program.  

Blockchain Certification 

In the past few years, blockchain prowess became a highly employable skill and the trend continues to grow. Articles on the web assure us that blockchain devs get a higher income compared to other fellow developers and, basically, they are the builders of the future.

Thanks to the demand, there are quite a few platforms that offer blockchain certification courses and you’ve got every chance to become a pro this year. 

So without further ado, let’s recapitulate the best platforms that offer this opportunity.

Blockchain Certifications by RMIT Online

Blockchain Certifications by RMIT Online
  • For whom: entrepreneurs, developers, and other professionals who want to explore what blockchain has to offer 
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Price: from 1400 AUD (~$960)

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology offers 3 short certification programs including ‘Designing blockchain solutions’, ‘Developing blockchain strategy’, and ‘Developing blockchain applications’ that you can complete online. 

Although the tuition fee is not the lowest, you can rest assured that you will be getting the certificate from a well-established, world-class university and obtain a deeper knowledge of the subject. RMIT courses are tailored to give a boost to your career and are focused on practical implementations. 

101 Blockchains

Blockchain Certification by 101 Blockchains
  • For whom: Anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain technologies and how they impact enterprise business imperatives
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Price: $397

If you’re a leading enterprise professional looking to expand your area of knowledge and explore what blockchain tech has to offer, take a look at Blockchain Certification by 101 Blockchains. 101 Blockchains is a well-established provider of enterprise blockchain research and training that is on a mission to make anyone who will take the trouble become blockchain experts.

101 Blockchains training programs are available for individuals and all types of businesses, small, medium or large. The courses are created and delivered by a world-renowned global team of blockchain experts and the customized program allows flexible learning. 

You will gain a clear understanding of strategic approaches that big enterprises take to make their project successful and study a variety of use-cases for deeper practical understanding. 

The platform offers a free basic 5-day crash course on the fundamentals of blockchain and a variety of paid programs and in-person training, as well as free guides, reviews, and webinars. All students that have successfully completed the course will get a certification.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council
  • For whom: Features a variety of programs for students with different needs and backgrounds 
  • Duration: from 3 to 30 hours depending on the course
  • Price: $129-$399, students may apply for a scholarship

Blockchain Council is a fount of blockchain knowledge. The platform features more than 20 certifications on the hottest topics from trading to developing. Whether you’re looking for fundamental or field-specific skills, chances are that Blockchain Council has it covered. 

Certifications focus on specializations like Corda, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, and Quorum, and can be implemented in various industries including healthcare, supply chain, digital marketing, and many others. Instructor-led classes are also available on-demand. 

Blockchain Training Alliance

Blockchain Training Alliance
  • For whom: business owners, devs, and healthcare, data science and IoT specialists
  • Duration: 1 to 3 days
  • Price: from $0 to $1895

Take a blockchain certification exam with Blockchain Training Alliance in one of the 7,000 testing locations globally.

Their courses are dedicated to blockchain solution architects, security professionals, and developers of any kind. They also offer team training, exam guides, instructor-led and on-demand classes. 

Blockchain Certification from State University of New York (Coursera)

Blockchain Certification from State University of New York (Coursera)
  • For whom: programmers, designers, and anyone blockchain-curious with a knowledge of at least one modern programming language
  • Duration: ~2 months
  • Price: $49 per month, but you can read and view the course for free (no certification will be issued)

The program prepares students to build on the Ethereum blockchain and consists of four courses. You will get a full understanding and working knowledge of foundational blockchain concepts, as well as the skills to design and implement smart contracts, learn about methods for developing dApps and industry-wide blockchain frameworks.

Although Coursera offers quite the selection of blockchain-themed certifications, this program is one of the most highly-rated. 

Blockchain Revolution Specialization by INSEAD (Coursera)

Blockchain Revolution Specialization by INSEAD (Coursera)
  • For whom: beginners  
  • Duration: ~2 months
  • Price: $79 per month, but you can read and view the course for free (no certification will be issued)

Moving on to the second noteworthy certification on Coursera, the INSEAD course’s instructors are the famous best selling authors of ‘Blockchain Revolution’, Don and Alex Tapscott. During the course, you will learn what blockchain is and how it works, and understand the tech behind cryptoassets and blockchain transactions. 

Among the instructors you will also find industry experts and developers from the Ethereum Foundation, Grid Singularity, Keyless Technologies, and ResonanceX. When finishing the program, as a bonus, you will be offered to produce a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis to identify and evaluate how to apply blockchain tech in your industry of interest.

Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4)

Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4)
  • For whom: blockchain enthusiasts who already know a lot and want to be certified
  • Duration: C4 do not provide the training, only the examination
  • Price: 99.99 CAD for the exam + 39.99 CAD application fee, around $100 in total to be paid in BTC 

In the case that you already know a lot about blockchain but for whatever reason you need to prove it or you’re looking for motivation to study harder, you can apply to take one of C4’s two exams: Certified Bitcoin Professional or Cryptocurrency Security Standard Auditor. All the exam topics are available on their website. 

​Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme by Saïd Business School

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme by Saïd Business School
  • For whom: business leaders and innovators
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: £2,350, around $3,080

If you want nothing but the best for yourself and money’s not a problem, then the Oxford Strategy Blockchain Program is your perfect match. From blockchain basics, dapps and smart contracts, to transforming enterprise business models and blockchain frontiers, this certification will cover all you need to know to become a rightful innovative business leader. 

And as a cherry on top, once you complete the course you will be invited to continue your development on campus.

Transformationworx: CIO certified blockchain professional (CCBP)

Transformationworx: CIO certified blockchain professional (CCBP)
  • For whom: business and technology professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • Duration: self-training or 2-day Bootcamp
  • Price: 495 CAD, which is about $377

The CIO Certified Blockchain Professional (CCBP) is accredited as a professional development program by the Institute of Management Consultants (CMC Ontario). But regardless of where you are, you are free to apply. 

If you’re not into self-learning, you can attend the 2-day Bootcamp online or in-person for an extra fee (about $900, but you’ll get a discount for the certification exam). The crash-course will cover the basics of blockchain tech and prepare you for the exam. Otherwise, you’re free to study by yourself and apply to get the certification on your own.

Certified Blockchain Professional by Blockchain Institute of Technology

Certified Blockchain Professional by Blockchain Institute of Technology
  • For whom: blockchain professionals or blockchain-curious techies 
  • Duration: self-training
  • Price: $945 exam fee

The Certified Blockchain Professional certification is another exam that you can take if you’re in need of a document that confirms your knowledge and skills.

You can choose to enroll in their $495 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Curriculum which will help you with your studies and probably make you feel more confident while taking this not so cheap exam. But if you wish to study for the exam yourself, Blockchain Institute of Technology has kindly prepared a CBCP Certification Study Guide that contains all topics covered in the exam.

The lucky CBCP holders can take the next step by challenging themselves to obtain the Certified Senior Blockchain Professional certification.

Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals by Berkeley (

Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals by Berkeley (
  • For whom: anyone 
  • Duration: 3 months 
  • Price: $178.20

This course will teach you how to synthesize your own blockchain solutions. You’ll focus on the mechanics of Bitcoin and its actual applications, and then traditionally move on to Ethereum, dapps, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms.

Finally, the program will overview scalability and other blockchain issues and possible solutions, regulations and the future of this glorious tech. 

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