We all love TV shows. Anticipation and curiosity ensure we stay engaged and fantasize about the upcoming episodes. But what if we could influence the course of events? What if we could own a character and be a part of the plot ourselves?

The Tokenville team definitely has a lot to say about this.

The idea is simple yet brilliant: create an online drama and involve the viewers to the max. The show itself can come in different forms: web series, reality TV, lotteries… In order to determine the key aspects of the show, the platform uses smart contract technology.

Spread the Blockchain Word

The team describes Tokenville as post-internet theater. The project explores the artistic side of blockchain. They look at blockchain as an attraction worth visiting rather than merely a source of hype. Tokenville is built to be extremely interactive: it is open to any ideas. You don’t even have to be a token-holder to support the whole thing — simply watching the shows and sharing your thoughts about them would already be a valuable contribution. However, token owners don’t have to be viewers themselves, although the team wants to encourage people to actually watch the shows. Tokenville also promotes the concept of emotional involvement in the storyline, a new kind of experience. After all, people tend to care more when they actually own something.

Deus ETH and New Adventures

Deus ETH is Tokenville’s first reality show. It features 50 tokenized characters that fight for survival while the Ethereum smart contract determines who lives and dies. Heroes can be traded, the winners are 100% random and everything is completely transparent. The storyline revolves around a dramatic saloon shootout, with twists and turns and a bunch of adorable characters. And, of course, the winner gets a special prize.

But that’s not all. In the coming days, the team is launching two more projects and they promise treasures, riddles, and adventures.

Mystery-lovers should check out Cryptodetective, featuring CryptoKitties in the lead roles. Get TV Tokens, watch the series and prepare to look for clues, cause only you can solve the crime!

Treasures of Mann O’Taur is another upcoming show with a touch of graphic novel. In this comic series, you will be able to collect mythical artifacts and use them to win prizes. We suggest you don’t disappoint Mann O’Taur, and join the show!

Mass Adoption Program

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Tokenville is on a mission to popularize blockchain. The team came up with an insightful idea: they will use their ERC20 tokens — TVs — as a motivational tool. TVs will be split among the team members to stimulate better performance.

The Lumi wallet team is happy to announce that we’re adding TVs to the list of supported tokens. We’re very excited and emotionally invested already! You can take part in all of the upcoming Tokenville shows by getting TV tokens and storing them in our client-side Lumi wallet. And don’t forget that you can always ask us anything in our Telegram public chat or share your thoughts on Reddit. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the news firsthand.