It’s the last few weeks of spring and there’s a long summer ahead – we can slow our pace and relax before upcoming events. If you still feel nervous after the rapid crypto-upswing the previous week, take a look at how meditative EOS bubbles dance, soothe yourself with a warm drink and come back to us – this week brought a lot of stuff to puzzle out. Updates rolled out two releases in EOSIO Labs – both making the lives of the EOS developers much easier.

The first one is EOSIO Explorer, a web-based graphical user interface which was implemented to improve the developer experience of interacting with and monitoring EOSIO-based applications and networks in development. Now the process of interaction with the blockchain will be much friendlier for developers who are used to visual interfaces.

The second one is a native SDK on Swift and Java, open source tools providing better support for native mobile applications built on EOSIO. These Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide native APIs for interacting with EOSIO blockchains and they will be available on Android and IOS.

EOS Governance

EOS has its own political life, and every week some new problems emerge while others are solved. To get an idea of how it works, you can read about the voting system here and referendum here. This pretty much sums up the basics of voting on EOS.

In May, there were two major proposals, raising questions on the most important part of voting – vote-security, and the reward system for voters. EOS New York proposed to overcome vote-buying by motivating higher voter participation. On the other hand, EOS Nation proposed a direct vote-buying mechanism. There is a nice article, summing up these two ideas and proposing a third way. We’ll follow up on how this discussion is resolved.


pEOS is a token on eosio that is working on enabling private and untraceable transactions on the EOS main chain. Their team did a nice job of explaining its whitepaper and how it will work for non-technical people. Transaction privacy is always a concern for cryptocurrency users, and pEOS is going to use the advantage of EOS transaction speed to make these transactions fast and secure.

On the main page of the project, it is stated that pEOS will be launched on the EOS mainnet in Q3 of 2019.

EOS Integrations

We already mentioned the major migration to EOS that started this spring, so here are other projects integrating with the blockchain:

-Popular non-custodial exchange, Switcheo, running on the NEO blockchain adds EOS tokens to its offering.

-Payment platform has listed EOS on its app.

-An online payment platform, Skrill, opened direct access to EOS for over 40 million of its users.

Learning EOS

The resources that are the most scarce for new users in the crypto space is knowledge and simple explanatory pieces on how all this stuff actually works, written in words understandable to a common person.

This short video does a nice job of explaining how transactions in EOS work, so if you don’t get it – watch it. And then try to explain it to your grandma.

When people don’t quite understand the basics and start to speak about major and complicated topics, misinformation and confusion reach dangerous levels, even if there is no malicious intent in it. EOS NewYork felt that enough is enough and wrote an articulate list of mistakes made by recent “experts” on EOS governance. All lazy journalists are welcome to read

EOS For The World

We try to highlight some interesting projects based on EOS every week, and it’s always the hardest part of the preparatory work – there are just too many. Art, content, games, exchanges, social networks – it is always exciting to find another sphere of the old world that could be transferred to the brave new one through the lens of EOS. But today we would speak about the present, not the future.

Venezuela, as we all know, is in a deep crisis partly caused by inflation and rotten foundations of its economic system. The charity relief program, GiveCrypto, has come to the aid of families in Venezuela by conducting a three-month trial of crypto transfers, donating around 7 USD worth of EOS tokens weekly (monthly minimum wage in Venezuela) to 100 struggling families who couldn’t even buy food on a daily basis.

Despite the small number of people in the program and the harsh restriction on cryptocurrencies in the country, the experiment was a success – families could exchange it for local fiat and be saved from starvation. This case and initiative is very important: it shows how crypto can not just make us prosperous tomorrow, but help people in real struggle today.

If you want to help, you can read about the charity and ways to donate your EOS here.


The summer of 2019 would start with #B1June on June 1. Major announcements, expectations of a positive market change, and other theories about the event – all predictions are summed up by MEET.ONE. Everyone is excited, spring has brought a lot of new changes, and this summer is going to be one of the most eventful seasons in EOS. And we’ll surely cover it!

From the Lumi Wallet team, a big thanks for tuning in to us for EOS news, and until next week!