The latest token listing update in Lumi Wallet increased the number of assets available for purchasing. This time our team added Tether Gold, DEAPcoin, HUSD stable coin, and HEDG by HedgeTrade

At the moment, Lumi users can use their credit cards to buy 11 tokens, but apart from that, they can store and exchange around thousand of cryptocurrencies. After counting the total amount of tokens and coins that Lumi supports, we thought about how the end-user would navigate through such a diversity of assets.

Over the past couple of years, the number of tokens on the market has reached such a level that it’s unlikely that anyone can say the exact number. Some say, there are at least 5,500 tokens already, and the number keeps growing.

It is incomprehensible how newcomers should choose suitable assets, after all, it is necessary to sort out which one of these projects is a good prospect and reliable, and which one is a potential challenger to the title “Scam of the Year”.

Competition for Users

Rapid crypto market development leads to a lot of projects wanting to create their brand, consolidate their position on the growing market, and interest investors with their assets.

All tools are acceptable in this competition: from promoting the CEO’s personal brand to promising fabulous dividends. And only the crypto ad ban by tech corporations like Google and Facebook is holding back the ubiquity of digital currency promotion.

Of course, this non-official prohibition caused a reaction from the cryptocurrency community, and they filed a lawsuit against social media companies, so perhaps in the near future we will see a new stage in the promotion of digital assets in the information space. While crypto projects use all available methods to promote their assets, users spend time sorting out what asset has more prospects and is more trustworthy.

User’s Background

Since the cryptocurrency market is in the active development stage and digital currency still hasn’t become widespread, the main users are two categories: those who want to earn from it, let’s call them potential investors, and those who for some reason use crypto for work-related transactions.

In Lumi Wallet buying crypto is easy

Professionals who use cryptocurrency for payments usually operate with the digital currencies that are widely used and accepted by other market participants. So Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and USDT are the most suitable currency for them. People who invest in cryptocurrency have more complicated motives, so they are trying to find something special that can bring them to the top.    

Most of us remember how the small number of users who invested in bitcoin in 2011 became millionaire in just a few days in 2013, and the bitterness of a missed opportunity pushing a lot of people to invest in dozens of different assets in the hopes that one day it would rocket like what happened with bitcoin in 2017.

Cryptocurrency Dream

One way or another, the main dream of all crypto market participants is to make as much profit as possible. So far, newcomers hope to make money by investing in assets, crypto projects try to stand out from others in all possible ways, and wallets, exchanges, and other services, who carry out these interactions, remain an important intermediate link between them.

Of course, we can’t suggest which asset you should choose, but as your wallet, we are simply obliged to give the most relevant information about market trends and their participants. And if you already know which tokens you are interested in, we’ll help you get them even cheaper.

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Stay tuned to our wallet, enjoy the usable interface and transaction security, and check back for our updates and news on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, or LinkedIn. Let’s learn the cryptocurrency market together step by step!