Qbit coin: Introduction to Qubutica

Blockchain – probably more than any other industry – is in need of a strong and committed community of fellow creative thinkers in order to overcome existing issues and contribute to a better and highly-functional society. There’s nothing bad about some healthy competition, but practice shows that the more great Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago

Dapp Browser in Lumi Wallet

While Bitcoin is climbing its way to the top, our team is busy with refining the Lumi wallet apps in a bid to make them even more multifunctional and ultimately convenient. One of the latest updates will come in handy for all dapp supporters – both users and developers. Our Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago

The Ultimate Dapp

And What Developers Think of It How many dapps do you use on a daily basis? Well let us guess! If you’re reading this now, you must be a gamer, a crypto trader, a hodler, or, maybe, just a huge blockchain fan and you must be playing around with one Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago