Buy, sell, and store FUN in Lumi Wallet

FunFair: Blockchain Solutions For Gaming Are you a player? Do you like gambling? In fact, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve ever tried your fate in an online casino. Almost everyone has a certain idea on the hidden agenda of these controversial enterprises. Clearly, these opinions are usually biased. Players Read more…

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0xUniverse and the Conquest of Space

What makes a good game? Some say it’s about the smooth gameplay and an exciting story. Others get hooked by the lovable characters and striking graphics. We believe a good game is a work of art and should tick all the right boxes. Recently we announced Lumi’s partnership with 0xUniverse — a next-gen Read more…

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CryptoKitties Giveaway

So the busy holiday season is over and you might have started feeling a bit melancholic. Whether you managed to a snag a slice of the giveaway cake or you weren’t lucky enough to enlarge your crypto collection, we’ve prepared something special anyway. Lumi Collect is on a mission to bring Read more…

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Good to Know

CryptoKitties: A Closer Look

Ambassadors of the Blockchain and the Last Collectible The pioneers of crypto collectibles, mass adoption contributors, and ultimate charmers: CryptoKitties, are about to give away their last Gen 0 paws. In the course of recent events, this actually seems quite symbolic. Right before releasing the very last great-grandparent Kitty, the Read more…

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