Meet Aeron token (ARN) in Lumi Wallet!

If you ever thought that blockchain technologies serve FinTech needs exclusively, we are pleased to tell you that is absolutely far out. Would you be surprised if we told you that soon your physical existence or at least feeling of security could be affected by blockchain?

Let us introduce Aeron, a blockchain project for aviation safety.

In aviation the human factor is crucial. According to statistics, more than 50% of all aero accidents happen because of pilots’ poor physical condition, mistake or even a false experience record. When boarding the plane you can never be sure if all the systems are fully functional, or if pilots had enough sleep. Nevertheless, you trust your life and possibly your loved ones’ lives to the airline crew.

There are some databases and systems that gather information about the above mentioned features but they’re extremely dispersed, incomplete and mostly unavailable for all the stakeholders. Aeron solves this problem.

The project collects all the pilot flight log data starting from enrollment into the flight school to the licensing and further into career progression, and provides it to the host flight schools, aviation authorities, pilots and, of course, offers the summaries to potential passengers. As Aeron is based on blockchain technology, it guarantees complete unforgeability of data stored. You’ll have an opportunity to see proof of your pilot’s diploma and license validity, which is especially critical for general or private aviation, when you don’t have a large airline with its systems and procedures to rely upon.

Aeron’s goal is to completely eliminate the risk of any aircraft-related document forgery, and we hope this approach becomes a new standard in aviation safety.


For now, Aeron has carried a successful token sale and already released a pilot flight logging app. Its tokens stay very popular among the supporters, so ARN is bought and sold on the top world exchanges including Binance.

Moreover, after negotiating with European and Asian aviation authorities Aeron expects that several countries flight institutions will adopt their system. The portal for aviation authorities’ use will be developed in September 2018.

Lumi definitely supports the idea of making aviation training and experience records transparent, that’s why we’re happy to announce that ARN is going to be listed on Lumi wallet!

It’s an honor to collaborate with a project that really cares about making the world a safer place.

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