Power Ledger is working on improving the world by making electricity dependable, affordable, and clean for everyone, and using cutting-edge blockchain energy solutions in order to achieve this goal.

Power Ledger provides blockchain energy solutions for humanity. The company has been recognized by both Bloomberg New Energy Finance as well as Greentech Media Research as the industry leader in deployed and announced projects. Power Ledger has experience implementing energy solutions across the globe in varying electricity environments, with a proven track record and a wide range of partners.

Access to clean, reliable, and low-cost energy should be a basic human right, but still, 1.5 billion people are without access to electricity supplies.

Power Ledger’s mission is to help facilitate renewable energy projects through technology, to connect and empower individuals and communities.

Currently, the company has already developed a range of diverse products.

xGrid Technology

Peer-to-Peer electricity trading across the regulated electricity network.

Power Ledger believes that energy retailers are able to empower their customers with a unique product offering which gives them access to cheap, clean, renewable electricity, even if they don’t have the means for generating clean energy themselves. The blockchain provides an instantaneous and low-cost settlement mechanism that is secure and fully transparent. By utilizing blockchain technology, xGrid allows neighbors to trade low-carbon energy, earn income from their excess generation, and receive a better return on renewable energy investments. Ultimately passing savings on to customers, leading to lower power bills.

μGrid Technology

Peer-to-Peer electricity trading behind the regulated electricity mastermeter

For building or complex owners and strata managers, μGrid enables electricity metering, big data acquisition, rapid micro-transactions, and microgrid management at a granular scale.
μGrid also breaks the nexus between energy generation and consumption in these environments by generating revenue from renewable energy assets, including solar panels and batteries, even if the investor of these is absent or when there is excess energy generation.

Power Port
Electric Vehicle metering and settlement.

Carbon Credits Trading.

VPP 2.0
Virtual Power Plant 2.0.

Asset Germination Events.

POWR Token in Lumi Wallet

POWR is the utility ERC20 token that application need to be escrowed in order to use the platform. It acts as bond backing.

Power Ledger doesn’t run on the value of its tokens. The business runs by providing an energy trading platform and service, and the economy we’ve created drives the value of the token.

From now on, you can store and exchange your POWR tokens right inside Lumi Wallet without needing to go to outside exchanges. Lumi Wallet is a secure HD wallet that is fully client-side. This means that we do not keep your private keys and you’re the only one who has access to them.

First, you need to add your POWR wallet.

You can do it in the “Wallets” section by tapping on the ‘Plus’ icon. Start typing in the token name and choose the POWR wallet from the list. You can organize all your wallets as you wish — simply move the wallet to the place you want it to be.

Our in-wallet exchange allows you to easily buy or sell POWR tokens (as well as a lot of other ERC-20 tokens and crypto).

If you decide to exchange POWR, tap on the “Exchange” section and choose the amount of POWR you want to sell. You can also fill in the field with the required crypto first and you will automatically get the right amount of POWR tokens to sell.

Check the transaction details again and press the ‘Confirm’ button. You can always track your actions in the ‘Activity’ tab.

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