The summertime is all about new adventures! And even if you’re packing your holiday bags already, it doesn’t mean you have to put your love for gaming on pause. With the Lumi Collect app you can continue your crypto gaming journeys while laying on a beach on some tropical island. And to spice things up, we want to make a gift for you.

new giveaway lumi collect megacryptopolis

Together with MegaCryptoPolis, we’re holding a limited time giveaway.

One week, 20 lucky winners, 20 resource packs for the one and only MCP3D Decentralized city on Ethereum blockchain.

MegaCryptoPolis and Lumi Collcet Giveaway Rules

  1. Follow @MegaCryptoPolis and @Lumi_Collect on Twitter
  2. Retweet or comment and tag 2 crypto friends
  3. Enlist here to claim your reward

All three steps are mandatory.

The giveaway will last from June 17th till June 23rd, and we will choose the winners in random order.


crypto gaming megacryptopolis

MegaCryptoPolis is one of the most popular and quickly-developing Ethereum-powered games on the modern crypto gaming scene.

In MegaCryptoPolis, you can acquire a land plot and put it to use by constructing and upgrading buildings. On top of that, you can earn Ether daily and collect taxes when governing a district.

Also, players can appoint Citizens to maintain operations in the buildings, as well as pair them with Pets to boost results. Apart from just being cool, Cars and Appliances can also help with boosting performance.

Every game asset, including land plots, Citizens, Pets, etc comes in the form of an ERC-721 token that can be traded, kept, or gifted.

MCP3D in Lumi Collect

Once the team successfully completed their major roadmap for MegaCryptoPolis, they embarked on a new MCP3D journey. The new roadmap promises us advanced gameplay, a whole new layer of economy, alternative blockchains, and an avatar mode.

Meanwhile, try exploring the streets of the decentralized city in the MCP3D in Lumi Collect and take part in our summer giveaway!

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