After months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Lumi Wallet is now officially open-source and you can already revise our code on GitHub. It was a long, challenging journey for all the members of the team – not to mention our developers – and we are positive the best is yet to come. 

What Open-Source Means for Us

The open-source movement and blockchain tech go hand in hand. Open-source means transparency, security, reliability, and collective creating. By opening our code we want to make a meaningful contribution and show our users, fellow developers, and crypto community in general that we are, more than ever, committed to working together. 

So what exactly is so special about the open-source product?

  • Transparency

Anyone can review an open code. Transparency leads to more trust, collaboration, and adoption. 

  • Security

When your code is open, other developers can examine it and check if there are any mistakes. The more people engage, the more reliable the code gets.

  • Team skills

Showing off your code means putting your developers on display. Moreover, it helps the team grow faster.

  • Adoption

Open code also means that anyone can use it as they please and create their own forks. So it all comes down to contributing to the community.

Open-source welcomes different approaches and freedom of development. It brings transparency and trust. And now that Lumi Wallet is finally a part of the open-source movement, we’re ready for your feedback!

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