We believe that crypto should be easy and accessible and that the process of sending and receiving digital money should be flawless. That’s why we’re so focused on the usability of our apps: you won’t have to think twice before making any transaction. And to make your cryptocurrency experience even better we plan to localize our Lumi Wallet apps for all our users around the globe. 

Recently, we’ve noticed that Lumi Wallet is gaining popularity among the German users and our team decided to express gratitude by making the apps even more comprehensive.  And now we’re happy to announce that we’ve just finished our very first German localization. 

Currently, the German version is ready and available on iOS, Android, and in the web version of the wallet and you can test it right away. If your device’s default language is German, you’ve probably noticed the change already. 

Lumi Wallet is already translated into Japanese, Korean and Russian and we’re not done with the localizations just yet! 

Nobody’s perfect so if you happen to notice any mistakes, please, go ahead and drop a line at [email protected]

Lumi Wallet’s Future Plans

The year 2019 was an exciting journey for our team: EOS has been fully implemented, the ability to purchase crypto with credit card has been introduced, and support for the EOS tokens is coming soon. 

Next stop open source!

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