Once upon a time, a brave little Cutie was born on the blockchain. It was a one-of-kind and free-spirited creature that brought a little bit of love and art to the money-minded world of crypto. The creature liked adventures and believed that people become responsible, forever, for what they have tamed.

True ownership, extended gameplay, passion for the art, and fair value of the assets are the key principles of the philosophy behind Blockchain Cuties, a game that rocked the crypto space a few years ago.

Lumi Collect: A New Home for Cuties 

Around the same time, the Lumi Wallet team was working on building a new type of wallet that could accommodate those non-fungible tokens, which is what Blockchain Cuties technically are. So we believe that it was a match made in crypto heaven. 

Nowadays, all the Lumi Collect users are familiar with Cuties. Last September we celebrated the launch of our new wallet for crypto collectibles and blockchain gaming by holding a huge Blockchain Cuties giveaway. 

Although we hate to brag, Cuties loved their new Lumi home! The simple yet colorful and much-needed wallet served as secure storage for ERC721 tokens. Besides, Cuties looked even more beautiful in Lumi. That was the beginning of our long-term and firm friendship. 

Blockchain Cuties Development

Back in the days, not everyone knew what NFTs were, but claimed their giveaway cuties anyway. FOMO or not, they were right. These days, crypto gaming is an independent industry with many fans and diverse communities. And a lot more new developments are yet to come!

In this short – well, almost a year – period of time, Lumi Collect has added support for various crypto games and allowed for the execution of Ethereum transactions directly in the app. You can go on vacation and take your Cuties with you on your mobile, without interrupting their adventure spree. 

cuties and lumi

And what about Blockchain Cuties themselves? They’ve been busy too. Apart from releasing hundreds of wonderful species, they’ve expanded their blockchain presence and added EOS and TRON support. 

Recently, the team has announced the release of their very own ERC20 token CUTE. And guess what? At the same time, Lumi Wallet, our main product and crypto wallet for coins and tokens, added an in-app browser that allows you to play with your Cuties and send them on adventures as well! 

CUTE coin in Lumi Wallet

We didn’t have to think twice and decided to add CUTE support to Lumi Wallet straight away. And now our users can enjoy both: safely storing their CUTE and fighting the raid boss in our dapp browser in order to get some more!

But if your Cutie is not strong enough yet to fight the beast, you can buy the coin with a credit card or trade your crypto coins for it on HitBTC. But don’t forget to transfer it to Lumi Wallet so that you will be the only one who has access to your CUTE assets. 

And after that, you’ve got two scenarios. Firstly, you can buy yourself more Cuties or some awesome gear with your CUTE. Secondly, you may choose to hold on to it and lay the groundwork for your future accomplishments in Cutieland. 

No matter what you ‘re after, Lumi Wallet will keep your funds secure!

Giveaway Rules

We’ve decided that there’s no better way to celebrate our friendship and new horizons than to hold another giveaway.

CUTE tokens or Cuties, which one do you lust after more? Alright, that’s a tough one, so we won’t make you choose!

There are two events you need to check out. 

Event Number One: Free Cuties 

We’re giving away 20 Cuties and the event will last from 26/07 until 9/08.

Join Gleam here and go through the following steps:

  • Follow Lumi and Cuties on Twitter
  • Download the Lumi Wallet app
  • Provide your email and ETH address
  • Tweet anything with  #CUTEcoin ❤️ #LumiWallet

Event Number Two: Free CUTE coins

We’re giving away 200 CUTE coins to 5 lucky winners and the event will last from 02/08 until 09/08. 

Join Gleam here and go through the following steps:

  • Follow Lumi and Cuties on Twitter
  • Download the Lumi Wallet app
  • Provide your email and ETH address
  • Like and share all our tweets until the end of the giveaway

The winners of the giveaways will be chosen randomly and we’ll announce them on 12/08.

Make sure to follow Lumi Wallet on Twitter, Facebook,  Telegram or Reddit for more giveaways, crypto knowledge, and news.