ATL (Atlant) is an ERC20 token that you can now send, keep and exchange in Lumi wallet.


ATLANT is creating a new type of platform for increasing liquidity in the global real estate market with services for tokenized ownership of real estate assets, and P2P rentals.

Tokenized Ownership

Property owners, real estate asset managers and developers will be able to tokenize their properties on ATLANT (pending licensing) by creating unique property security tokens which are structurally designed to reflect the value of the underlying property, and contain embedded code to insure compliance with applicable jurisdictional regulations. Investors and traders will be able to purchase property tokens on the ATLANT platform, and subsequently trade them in an orderly secondary market, as described on the ATLANT website.

P2P Rentals

ATLANT also intends to offer P2P rentals, which can help improve dynamics of the short term rentals market in real estate, via improved efficiency and security offered by the blockchain technology. The efficiency stems from removing the middleman yet maintaining the same level of quality and user arbitration while substantially lowering fee and increasing informational security versus non-blockchain solutions such as AirBNB. Brief overview of the system is outlined on the ATLANT website.

ATLANT Platform Membership

Holders of ATLANT token (ATL) who fulfill KYC identity requirements, and run an ATLANT node realize benefits from both the P2P Rentals and new Tokenizations. General details regarding these benefits can be found on pg. 8–9 of the ATLANT white paper.

ATLANT’s ATL token can be purchased and stored via the exchanges and wallets listed on the ATLANT website. For more information please visit

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