Not all of us are bilingual, and the crypto theme is complicated enough already. So when it comes to creating a truly user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet, localization is one of the most important tasks. Of course, we don’t want to underestimate the importance of adding other essential features like buying or selling crypto, but the ability to use a crypto wallet in your own language is priceless. 

Until now, our Korean, Japanese, Russian, and German-speaking users have been enjoying the simplicity of using the wallet in their own language. And now we can reveal a secret: the Spanish localization is already in full swing and soon our Spanish and South American users will be able to check up on the final result!

The next languages on the localization agenda are French, Portuguese, and Italian. In fact, we already received an awesome YouTube review in Portuguese even before the localization is finalized. 

And if you think that we’re missing something, please share your thoughts and recommend other languages to add.

How The Magic Happens

This year we decided to show you how the Lumi team creates the wallet. The upcoming open-source transition will be useful for all the tech-savvy Lumi supporters, and those who are as well-versed in technical details can follow our progress described in the down-to-earth terms via the blog.

So how do we do the whole localization thing?

  1. Decision-making

First of all, we have a team counsel on what language we should add. The decision is usually based on the majority of our core audience, social media surveys, and analyzing the potential of the crypto market growth. The team members from different departments prepare reports, and we discuss the perspectives.

  1. Headhunting

Once we agree on the language, the toughest part begins. You might think that hiring a translator is a piece of cake, but we prefer to take things seriously. We aren’t looking for people who offer a cheaper price for their services. Our goal is to find a person who understands the crypto industry or at least is keen on developing in this area and will be able to help us later with the new updates and features. Basically, we are looking for a new team member rather than a quick and cheap result.

  1. The process

After the selected translator delivers their work and the team reviews it, it is up to our devs to finalize the localization process.

And as we’re always thinking about your comfort, you won’t need to change the language manually. Depending on your app store location, the language of the app will be changed automatically as soon as the wallet update is out. 

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