Lumi Collect is thrilled to announce that not only Android users but iOS users as well can enjoy all the perks of our in-app browser. It’s the perfect time to get your loved one a cute little pet or even their own planet to take care of next year with no extra effort!

And if this awesome news doesn’t make your little gamer’s heart skip a beat, then we have prepared some more exciting updates.

Firstly, let’s talk about what on earth this in-app browser of ours even is and how can it take your gaming experience to a whole other level.

Where do you usually play your blockchain games? Most likely it’s all limited to your laptop, and the whole mobile gaming experience seems to be left out.

Well Lumi Collect is about to change the rules.

Our in-app browser allows our users to do whatever they do on their laptop, on their mobile devices. Signing transactions, gifting collectibles, topping up your Ethereum balance — you name it, we’ve got it! Basically, you can surf the web as you please, but instead of using Google Chrome, you’ll be using our Lumi Collect browser.

Take your collectibles everywhere you go to make sure they start their new adventures in time to get their bonus items!

What Else We’ve Got


The new version of the iOS app allows you to filter your collections by game so you can easily check all your assets (Kitties, Cuties, Planets, and others) and organize your collection the way you want to see it.


Android users, have you checked your Lumi Collect app yet? There is a whole new galaxy inside! – a space strategy to explore space and conquer the mysterious planets!

 Those planets (as well as Blockchain Cuties and Crypto Kitties) are now all conveniently displayed in your Lumi collection.

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