What could be better than a good game? How about hundreds of them?

If you’re a keen gamer, chances are that you cannot get enough action. And you probably think that the more games there are, the better it is for everyone. Well, we couldn’t agree more!  And so we’ve prepared something really awesome.

Lumi Collect and OpenSea

Lumi Collect has partnered with OpenSea, the biggest marketplace for crypto collectibles, so our wallet users can browse through all 300 collections and 3 million digital assets the platform has already integrated.

Although there’s hardly any crypto collector or gamer who hasn’t heard of OpenSea, we’ll introduce them anyway. OpenSea is a decentralized marketplace where you can buy and sell all sorts of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens related to gaming and beyond.

From milestone breaking Marble Cards, to adorable Hedgies, to Decentraland’s property – the choice is all yours. OpenSea lets you list your unwanted items for auction or make an offer for new armor for your beloved pets. And from now on you can do it effortlessly on your mobile, right inside your wallet app and complete every deal. Just make sure to download Lumi Collect if you haven’t done so yet.

This partnership is indeed legendary. Remember how we used to add new games one by one to make your gaming life a little more convenient? Well, that’s yesterday’s news. Welcome to the era of wide choice!

Now you can use Lumi Collect to play the hottest games and store their items on your mobile. And besides, it’s always comforting to keep your digital pets within reach.

Finally, we want to cheer up those of you who have started missing our giveaways already. We predict quite a few exciting activities in the near future.

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