When is there a better time to enter into a new partnership than at the beginning of a new year? Lumi Collect has some good news for all the keen players out there: we’ve partnered with FCK, a blockchain gaming platform, so you can try something new and test your skills in the exciting world of crypto gaming.

If you haven’t heard of FCK yet, then you should definitely check them out. To start, it is not just another gaming platform, it is a gaming platform with an inspiring idea.

The FCK team consists of some of mass adoption’s biggest supporters and they’re doing their best to leave a mark on blockchain’s development history. FCK’s fundamental beliefs are based on fairness, equality, transparency, openness, and anonymity, crucial characteristics of the gambling industry, as controversial as it may sound.

Blockchain, however, might be that tool that has the power to change how things work.

As the FCK team describes it themselves:

“We believe in the core concept of blockchain, that the distributed ledger and smart contract technologies will build trust between humans, eliminate trade barriers, and improve transaction efficiency, profoundly influencing the real economy.”

And that makes perfect sense.

When it comes to playing online games, whether it’s slots, poker, or roulette, all players bargain for the same things: fair rules, automatic returns on their investments, and anonymity together with transaction transparency. That may sound like a utopia for an average online casino, but it’s no problem for a blockchain-based one. And FCK is on a mission to prove that!

What FCK’s Perks are

FCK platform is multinational and soon-to-be multi-blockchain.

Every game on the platform (as well as their website) currently supports five languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, and Korean. The team’s goal is to build a fast, stable, reliable, and forever-lasting decentralized game platform, enabling players from any country to play games such as predictions and sweepstakes, anytime, anywhere, and without restrictions.

FCK will work on multiple blockchains including EOS, BCH, Algorand, Skycoin and many more. So if you think that Ethereum games are yesterday’s news, the FCK team will be that very choice for supporting your picky gaming needs. All of their games are based on specific characteristics of the public blockchain they are powered by.

Currently, there are three main types of games on the FCK platform:

  • Classic blockchain games
  • All sorts of games that are being developed based on a public chain or token
  • Tailor R & D games

It is also worth mentioning that it’s not only about the money as the team has allocated 20% of their budget to charity work and public benefits.

Lumi Collect and FCK Cooperation

Now imagine all this goodness, but on your mobile phone. Lumi Collect has just added FCK to the list of our supported games so you will be able to take your unfinished game with you wherever you’d like. Using our pretty awesome in-wallet browser, you can easily access any of your favorite FCK games and execute ETH transactions without interrupting the gaming process. Basically, everything that you use Metamask for in the web version, you will be able to do with Lumi Collect on your mobile device.

And if you like the idea of blockchain gaming, you can make the best out of Lumi Collect and play other games like CryptoKittiesBlockchain CutiesEverdragons0xUniverse, and more within your app and store your collectibles all in one place.

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