Have you heard the fantastic news yet? BTCV is now available in LUMI. What are the main advantages of the new currency? We will now tell you more about it.

Bitcoin Vault was launched in 2019. The builders of BTCV have created a solution to protect against theft. The BTCV ecosystem consists of three parts, which allows you to significantly increase the level of security. The main feature available in BTCV is the cancellation of transactions within 24 hours if an error was made.

First, it is important to understand that Bitcoin Vault is not a fork of Bitcoin. This is a new blockchain based on the Bitcoin code, which uses the same hashing algorithm necessary for mining new coins – SHA-256. Since its development, BTCV developers have been working on improving the coin’s security features to fill a security gap that other cryptocurrencies have failed to address.

And after a whole year of research and development, they were able to launch a 3-Key Security Solution. Unlike other solutions on the market, the 3-Key Security Solution delays the confirmation of a typical transaction on the blockchain by 144 blocks, which takes approximately 24 hours. It also provides the wallet owner with the tool and authority to cancel any unauthorized transaction during this time.

In LUMI Wallet, you can store, send, and exchange BTCV. Learn the following steps to navigate through our app.

To create BTCV wallet storage:

1. Open the Lumi Wallet app

2. Find the “wallets” list

3. Click “add wallets”

4. Search BTCV

5. Click the toggle switch

To exchange:

1. Open the Lumi Wallet app

2. Tap the “exchange” button at the bottom of the screen

3. In the first line, select the currency you are exchanging, in the second line, look for BTCV

4. When you are sure that everything is filled out correctly, click the “EXCHANGE” button.

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