Sometimes, an extraordinary prize is the best motivation. And strangely enough, surprises are not for everyone’s liking. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce you to some little Monsters we’ll be giving away next week!

If you haven’t heard of the giveaway we organized together with Etheremonyet, we’ll say a few words about what you can do to win one of ten charming Mons.

First, you need to repost this post, tag 3 of your friends, and follow Lumi and Etheremon on Twitter.

And then it gets interesting! We know the game has many talented fans, and we want to reward your creativity.

Draw a picture, write a short story or a poem, declare your feelings for the game in any form!

We will choose the 10 most talented/touching/beautiful works of art and reward their creators.

But for now, take your mind off your daily routine, sit back, relax, and lose yourself in the Etheremon reverie.

We’ll tell you all about these ten elusive creatures, one of which can become your new favorite pet.

Let us first introduce you to PURGAST.

They say Purgast creates a second life for everyone, based on their actions in life. Purgast enjoys its destiny to the fullest. When happy enough, Purgast is said to transform, to end life for good.

And then there’s INTELIX.

Legend has it that Intelix appears upon the birth of every being, blessing it with talents and qualities, giving it its personality. And upon death, it comes to guide the soul to the underworld, taking the gifts back in order to be reused in another soul’s next life.

Now have a look at SCUBELLA.

Scubella rises up from the ocean’s surface and let the winds take them wherever it blows. They are also known to fall in the hands of strangers they are attracted to unexpectedly on their journeys.

From the ocean to the river, here comes PUDDE.

Pudde can be found in rivers and seas, colored exactly like the water they live in. They keep the waters they live in clear and clean.

Be careful with LOLLIPUNCH!

Lollipunch might look cute and harmless, but they deliver fierce blows with their strong arm, while the other is normally used to feint attacks. It catches foes off guard by delivering a second blow swiftly after the first.

Somewhere deep underground live the ENDORR creatures.

Endorr produce their own nutrients by converting the minerals they feed on. Their appendages can grow in length to fit their use. Endorr grow to fill out their rocky exterior and evolve when they outgrow it.

Mystery follows the CRYPTISE around.

Cryptise are supposedly burial urns possessed by the soul inside it. They float around at burial grounds, leaving a trail of ash behind them.

Not quite a cat and still not yet a squirrel, meet FUIRREL.

Fuirrel can sleep anywhere by wrapping themselves in their incredibly soft tail. Its tail grows bigger when it gets older, and will keep growing until it transforms.

Hold your breath, don’t scare the TYGLOO away!

Tygloo wander frozen plains in search of food in groups, often lead by a Mechloo. Their helmet-like heads are very durable and are their main form of defense.

Last but definitely not least, save your best compliment for MIRRIE.

Mirrie are said to be the ghosts of vain people. They can’t be seen via mirrors. Mirrie often follow people and Etheremons that they find pretty around.

Which one has cast a spell on you already?