Trading is hard work, and so is investing. Sometimes, it makes a lot more sense to let the professionals work their magic instead of taking the hard way. 

Genesis Vision is a decentralized asset management platform that has all the right resources to develop a mutually beneficial open market space of assets for everyone. It is easy and convenient for managers and at the same time it takes what investors need into consideration. Genesis Vision is building a steady network of exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors.

And by implementing blockchain tech and with the help of smart contracts, Genesis Vision makes investing easy, transparent, and reliable.

How It Works

Genesis Vision connects people who are looking to trade or invest with professionals — aka managers — who know exactly how to do it. Managers use the pool of funds to support their trading activities and later on (within specified time-limits), share the profit with investors.  


Genesis Vision Manager is a person or a company with a proven track record in trading that helps investors make a profit. They charge a commission for their work and are free to set the amount of the fee. 

The results they deliver speak for themselves and the managers are ranked accordingly.

The integration process for managers is smooth and simple. 

The great thing about profit sharing is that the whole process is carried out with the help of smart contracts, so it’s completely transparent and automatic. This benefits both managers and investors and increases the level of trust.

Managers are free to choose any market or asset they wish to work with, whether it’s ETFs, forex, gold, crypto, or others.


Anyone can become a Genesis Vision Investor. Investors do not need any special knowledge or skills to participate, as the manager will do all the trading work with the funds that investors credited.

Genesis Vision created a healthy environment in which investors can rest assured their assets are being used according to their intended purpose. 

Trust is the key point in GV’s network.

Genesis Vision Token (GVT)

GVT is an ERC20 utility token and you can use it as a universal currency on Genesis Vision platform (along with other cryptocurrencies) for all investment operations, profit distributions, and managers’ token trading.

You can buy GVT on many popular exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, HitBTC, and others. 

Keeping your digital assets on exchanges is risky: you should always transfer the funds to safer storage. 

Lumi Wallet is the perfect place to hold your GVT. It is secure, easy-to-handle, completely anonymous, and has a lot of useful features such as buying crypto with a credit card, a token exchange (available for certain coins), and accurate price graphs.

GVT in Lumi Wallet

Creating a GVT wallet is pretty straightforward.

  • Download the Lumi Wallet app or sign into the web version
  • Set up your PIN and write down your mnemonic
  • Tap on the ‘Manage wallets’ button and pick GVT from the list

Once you’ve set up your token wallet, you can transfer the funds from the exchange to Lumi. Just tap on the wallet and get your GVT address on the ‘Receive coins’ screen.

And if you want to send the tokens elsewhere, tap on the ‘Send’ button and fill in the details of the recipient.

Lumi Wallet is a great choice for crypto beginners as well as advanced users. Apart from GVT, you can store, send, and exchange BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, and more than a thousand ERC20 tokens. And our latest edition, powered by Simplex, allows you to buy BTC and ETH with USD directly inside the app or on the web.

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