How to exchange your crypto in three steps

If you have asked yourself, “how can I buy or exchange my crypto?” you are welcome to read this article. The most known way to buy cryptocurrency is at an exchange. Exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex, BitFinex, and others. However, you need to enter a lot of personal data to get registered and it takes time which sometimes looks difficult and questionable.

But you may avoid using all these challenges. How you ask? Try our in-wallet exchange.  It is an exchange integrated within a mobile wallet. It is commonly the result of a cooperation between an exchange and a wallet. This feature can be used to quickly convert between various cryptocurrencies.

Lumi wallet provides you with the opportunity to exchange crypto in three simple steps.

The integration of Changelly with Lumi will enable users to convert between all coins and tokens supported by both Changelly and Lumi. It will also support all tokens that Lumi and Changelly will integrate in the future.

Such a feature makes cross-cryptocurrency conversions much easier because Lumi has a very user friendly interface and it allows the exchange of crypto to other crypto in just three easy steps:

1. Choose the coin or token you want to exchange from.

2. Then choose the coin or token you want  to exchange to. And enter the necessary amount.

3. On this step be attentive! Make sure you check all the details and tap “Confirm”.

Now your exchange process is successfully completed.

After all the steps you will receive your exchanged funds after a short time. The exchanger sends the money back when there are more than three confirmations on the incoming transaction.

If you are still using an exchange not integrated within your wallet, switch to Lumi to save your time and be sure in your funds security!

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