For the Lumi Wallet team, these recent months have been full of hard work. To celebrate our new achievements, we decided to make a special gift for all our users. We’ve been thinking about what type of service is always in demand and yet too hard to find, and came up with a solution. Now all the crypto-to-crypto exchanges that you make via Lumi are commission free!

By introducing this zero-fee policy, we want to help our current and new users enjoy a smooth free-trading experience and get more comfortable in the world of crypto. 

Whether you want to exchange Bitcoin to Ether, ERC20 to BTC, or conduct any other crypto-to-crypto exchange in Lumi Wallet’s built-in exchange, you can do it with zero fees. Just use the promo code HEYHEY when you check out and the commission fee will be canceled automatically.

How to Exchange Crypto with Zero Fees?

To activate the free crypto to crypto exchange, you need to use our promo code.

Activate your promo code in the Lumi Wallet app
  • Open your Lumi Wallet app
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu (three horizontal lines in the top right)
  • Tap on the ‘Promo Codes’ menu
  • Type in the code HEYHEY and save it

Congratulations, now you can exchange crypto to crypto with no fee! Go to the ‘Exchange’ menu to initiate your trade.

And one more thing. Very often major promo activities like this attract a lot of attention not only from users, but also from scammers. Please, do not talk to any people who contact you via DMs saying they work for the Lumi Wallet team. If you have any questions, drop a line to our support team at [email protected]. That’s the fastest and the most reliable way to resolve your issues. 

Enjoy your free-trading month and keep your mnemonic safe!

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