Spring has passed in the blink of an eye. The cryptomarket rose up and stabilized on a new high, EOS hit numbers around $8 and all new updates were rolled out. Now everybody’s waiting – what’s next? Is it the long-awaited renaissance, or just a temporary upswing? What would be announced on the 1st June by Block.one? While everyone’s on the tips of their toes, let us recollect the luggage with which we’ll jump into this summer.

EOS News

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) released a global index that ranked 35 crypto projects based on their basic technology, applicability and creativity. According to the index, EOS secured the first spot, followed by Tron and Ethereum. Receiving 1st place in any competition is always flattering, but in this case, not entirely unexpected. According to EOS Weekly, lately, it has become largely popular in Asia and tends to “drift” eastward.

Everyone has been speculating about the major announcement on the 1st June, and we’ll look into that later. But there is one solid fact – Block.one recently obtained a trademark for MEOS and according to what is written there, is preparing to launch a social network.

And in other news this week:

Block.one released iOS and Chrome Extensions, EOSIO Reference Authentification Apps. It allows users to sign and approve transactions from web applications running in Mobile Safari and other native iOS apps though the software is a project of EOSIO Labs and is still experimental.

EOS DNS Beta was released by EOS Cafe Block, and every user with an EOS account now has access to an EOS domain.

Big exchanges continue to include EOS in their listings. This week, EOS was introduced to investors and traders at Coinbase, the largest US Crypto Exchange, and Switcheo announced that EOS trading markets are now active too.

EOS for singers and writers

Every week we talk about unusual and bold projects based on the EOS blockchain.

This week, this topic will take an artsy turn.

Emanate claims to be bringing the music industry to the age of decentralization using the EOS blockchain. Basically, it wants to make the $50 billion industry more transparent for all players, from listeners to artists to producers, offering them a platform for instant payments across border and implementing DAO governance of the ecosystem, which will help simplify the complicated regulations of the modern music industry. They have a thorough FAQ explaining their plans and a roadmap which intimates that the Alpha phase of the project is just around the corner.

On May 26, the Decentrium crew introduced their project’s first public beta. Decentrium is meant to be a decentralized publishing platform that connects authors and readers. Readers and writers, both having an EOS account, can reward each other and have access to content without advertisement, paywalls, and data-harvesting. They want to give decentralized blogging a chance to stand out. We all know that this industry, while being much younger than the music industry, has accumulated a lot of problems. The project has just been released, so be one of the first aspiring authors to sign up, and you might just become the new Hemingway of this blockchain platform one day.

EOS beginners guide

And traditionally, we highlight new explanatory guides and portals for readers that want to explore the EOS system a bit deeper.

Crypto Feez recently released the EOS Handbook, an online document that focuses on providing the needed basic info on EOS accounts and security. Citing the source: “This critical information is for everyone. We aim to present it in a simple, accessible and non-boring way. Please help us improve this content if you can.”

Also, Cointelegraph posted a nice explanation of who exactly those BPs are and why everybody always talks about them.


The most anticipated and hyped up event is just around the corner. Lets simply remember the noise it raised all around the crypto community:

— Cointelegraph stated that Block.one attempted a 10% buyback of its stock ahead of its major announcement, seeing it as a sign of confidence about the future of the network.

— Coinspeaker reported that EOS had replaced Litecoin on the list of the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – all because of the upcoming “big announcement”. Also, it collected all speculation that occurred before the 1st of June.

— Reddit witnessed a heated discussion (almost 400 comments) about the nature of EOS – with opinions from all over the spectrum: from “scam” accusations to detailed arguments about the future of blockchain. This degree of excitement on reddit rarely occurs around seemingly insignificant events in the crypto industry.

Excitement and skepticism should both be resolved in the nearest future: while we are publishing this digest, the broadcast of the event should have already started.

And with this major cliffhanger, our report for this week comes to an end. Thank you for tuning in to us for EOS news, and until next week!

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