Once again we’ve got great news for you! Lumi Wallet has launched support for its first EOS tokens, EOSDT and NUT, and to celebrate this we are giving away 100 EOS accounts for free.

Lumi Wallet is pleased to announce its newly added support for EOSDT and NUT, the core assets of Equilibrium, a multichain framework for building decentralized finance products.

Now EOS users can buy, manage, and store EOSDT and NUT in one place, exploring features that enable robust security, total anonymity, and an open source approach to the crypto world.


EOSDT is the base-layer stablecoin for the Equilibrium framework pegged to the US dollar. It offers a wide variety of profitability options that run from trading to leveraging and even passive income opportunities on the EOS REX market.


NUT is the framework utility token that gives users access to a number of the framework’s functionalities such as decentralized government (NUT holders are able to vote for the system’s global parameters) paying fees, voting for block producers, and REX staking.

100 Free EOS Accounts

And to mark this integration we’ve prepared an exciting giveaway for Lumi Wallet users. 

We all know that opening a new EOS account usually requires a fee, so we’re giving away 100 EOS accounts for free! Just go to Lumi Wallet and enter promocode EOSDT100 to get one.

Take this opportunity to explore the EOS ecosystem!

How to create an EOS account

Important notice: currently Lumi Web Wallet has no option to create free EOS accounts, you’ll have to use our app for that. It is possible to create only one account per device.

To use EOS wallets update Lumi Wallet to the latest version!

  • Download Lumi Wallet 
  • Set up a PIN code and don’t forget to write down your mnemonic phrase!
  • Select the ‘Wallets’ section and tap on ‘Get your EOS wallet’
  • Tap on the ‘Create EOS wallet’ button
  • Use our special promo code – EOSDT100
  • Fill in the fields and create a name for your new account

How to add EOSDT and NUT in Lumi Wallet

Now when your new EOS account is ready, you can easily add EOSDT or NUT wallets to Lumi.

  • Go back to the ‘Wallets’ tab and tap on ‘Manage wallets’
  • Choose the ‘EOS token’ section, tick the ones you need, and confirm
EOSDT and NUT in Lumi Wallet

Now you can hold, send, and receive these tokens using Lumi Wallet! And take part in EOS airdrops as well. 

More tokens are yet to be added!

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