Crypto collectors, it’s time to dust off your phones, open the Lumi Collect app, and check what’s trending. Every now and then, a new cool NFT collection comes out and our goal is to bring in the best of them for you. We’ve been watching the market for a while and are ready to present to you a couple of new, curious findings.

CryptoSkulls and Crypto Art

Meet CryptoSkulls – 10,000 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The collection operates according to the ERC-721 standard: once you get a CryptoSkull, it will be yours exclusively, until you decide to trade it. It cannot be duplicated, deleted, or destroyed.

CryptoSkulls characters come in the form of unique pixel art images with Uniqueness Index property that represents the rareness of the token. For instance, CryptoSkulls with beards are rarer than those without beards, and consequently, their Uniqueness Index is lower.

On top of this, there are ten legendary hand drawn CryptoSkulls out there called SKULL LORDS. Their Uniqueness Index is 1, which represents the highest level of rarity.

So what can you do with CryptoSkulls? 

Anything that collectors usually do: buy, trade, gift, or even bet on your favorite CryptoSkull and increase the value of your collection. And since we have added easy access to the game in the Lumi Collect app, you can do this all on your mobile in just a few clicks.

Our Giveaway

What better way to celebrate a new partnership than a big and generous giveaway? 

The event starts on 15/08 and lasts until 29/08. 


The 100 participants to successfully complete all tasks will get one CryptoSkull each. 

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