CryptoRome, an MMO blockchain strategy game, is partnering with Lumi Collect to provide their players with a seamless mobile gaming experience.

Purchase and cultivate your very own piece of land in Ancient Italia and take part in epic battles with your troops led by fearless Centurions!

For all the history lovers, CryptoRome is a real catch. The game offers you the experience of what it was like to be an ancient Roman on their rise to power.


One of the most important assets in the game is land. Unlike in real-life ancient Rome, it cannot be taken from you as it comes in the form of a digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can purchase assets with ETH, while those who are not very familiar with crypto can use a credit card to make in-game purchases.

There are three types of land in CryptoRome: Villages, Towns, and Cities. You can convert three villages into a town and three towns into a city. You can purchase your land, as well as other in-game items, on the Marketplace.

Villages come with slots occupied by farms, mines, or barracks that produce resources and troops. You can choose to purchase a new village that will come with three randomly generated resources or you can buy a village from another player to find one that fits your needs in the game. Each village holds three empty slots that you can use to improve your land by adding new buildings like barracks, blacksmiths or wineries. There’s a pleasant bonus on top of all that: when you purchase a new village, you own the right to name it — written to the blockchain forever!

Resources bring different benefits throughout the game and can also be used to produce new items. Each resource has its own value and can be exchanged in Trajan’s Market for real money. Trajan’s Market is a self-regulated commodities market with prices that dynamically fluctuate with each buy and sell transaction.


As you explore CryptoRome, you’ll discover new characters that can provide you with benefits on the battlefield and beyond: Wonders, War Horses, Centurions, and Legionnaires! Each brings unique benefits to players either in battle or in your village. These are ERC-721 tokens that are upgradeable and tradeable to other players.

Play in Lumi Collect

As CryptoRome is supported not only on PC, but on mobile devices as well, you can take your villages and battles everywhere you go with Lumi Collect.

Download the app, set up an account, tap on CryptoRome in the Explore section, and begin (or continue) your heroic journey!

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You can be sure that your ERC-721 tokens are stored with care. All the digital assets that you own are conveniently displayed in the Collection tab.

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