The first month of the new year has already opened new milestones in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum both broke their highest marks: BTC hitting $42k and Ethereum $1.3k. After the cryptocurrency rolled back in value by about 20%, bitcoin’s value fell to $31k, and many cryptocurrency holders froze in anticipation of further events. Currently, the first cryptocurrency is holding around $38k and analysts expect even more growth in the coming months.

We managed to relax and start preparing new updates for Lumi users during these two weeks to help our company reach a new level. Lumi is always ready to offer the best solutions in the crypto wallet market, and our users help us with this by sharing their ideas in messages to the support service.

Let’s move on to the main news of the last 2 weeks:

1. Bitcoin has reached a historic high of $42k. Currently, Bitcoin ranks fifth in terms of money supply among world currencies after USD ($1.95 trillion), EUR ($1.4 trillion), CNY ($1.26 trillion), and JPY ($1.1 trillion).

2. Ethereum does not lag behind Bitcoin in terms of attractiveness for investors, its value in early January reached $1,300. Also, the market capitalization of Ethereum has updated the historical maximum in the region of $145 billion.

3. News from the United States. In December, FinCEN stated the need to collect identifying information about transactions in cryptocurrency. More than 7,000 cryptocurrency groups and advocates have filed public comments on the rule, citing concerns about privacy rights and accusing the Treasury of engaging in “midnight rulemaking.”

4. However, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be headed by a supporter of cryptocurrencies, Gary Gensler. We will monitor further developments in the political environment that may affect the cryptocurrency market.

5. A user under the nickname gmoney paid 140 ETH ($150,000) for a pixel NFT token cryptopunk (“monkey in a cap”).

According to the buyer, NFTs are quickly becoming a luxury item — each token contains identification information, making it unique. It is these qualities that are valued by collectors.

6. German law enforcement officers have closed the world’s largest darknet marketplace DarkMarket. More than 320 thousand transactions were carried out through the platform, and payment was made in cryptocurrencies — 4,650 BTC and 12,800 Monero were moved. The turnover was 140 million euros.

7. Recently, we talked about how the developers of the Ledger hardware wallet lost their customers ‘ data due to a negligent attitude towards data storage.

Today it became known that another 20,000 new records were breached.

8. In 2020, hackers carried out 122 attacks on blockchain industry subjects and stole approximately $3.8 billion.

9. Bitcoin has overtaken Facebook in terms of capitalization and today occupied 8th place in the global asset rating. By the end of the day, Facebook was back in its place, but the fact that Bitcoin is already moving to the top five is undeniable.

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