Almost the entire week was spent in the green for cryptocurrencies: Since the beginning of the week, bitcoin has risen from $48k to $57k, and Ethereum has risen from $1,500 to almost $1,900. Financial giants like JPMorgan and Grayscale have once again pumped the crypto market. The bullish mood held all week, and now is the time to remember what else happened in the world of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Norwegian holding company Aker ASA, which specializes in construction and oil production, opened a new division for investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The Seetee AS division will initially have a capital of $58.6 million and plans to hold all its liquid assets in BTC in the future. 
  1. The number of Bitcoins on exchanges has reached a two-year low. Over the past 12 months, their number has decreased by 20% (560,000 BTC). “Keep your assets on your own” is the most popular strategy for investors. In the future, this policy may lead to a shortage of supply of the first cryptocurrency.
  2. PayPal has officially announced the acquisition of custodial startup Curv for $200 million. The deal is part of PayPal’s more extensive plans to build next-generation financial services.
  3. The majority of the job openings posted this month and last are in the U.S., India, and Singapore. Many of the jobs relate directly to Onyx, the division created last October to oversee JPM coin, the bank’s wholesale payments token.
  4. Vitalik Buterin promises to increase the performance of Ethereum by 100 times before switching to ETH 2.0. According to him, the launch of the Ethereum virtual machine in Optimism will take place in about a month, which will reduce the commission in DeFi-services. It is assumed that Optimism can be used in Uniswap v3.
  5. Bill Gates breaks into the environment. Supposedly BTC harms the climate. “Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other method known to mankind,” Bill Gates told Andrew, adding, “It’s not a great climate thing.” Studies note that the annual carbon emissions from the electricity generated to mine and process the cryptocurrency equal the amount emitted by New Zealand or Argentina.
  6. Switzerland-based retailers Manor and Valora have announced the launch of Bitcoin as a payment method in the form of gift cards. Manor is now distributing cryptocurrencies in 59 of its branches and, beginning in April 2021, Valora stores will also add the card to their collection.
  1. More money has already been raised to sell digital art than for some of the physical works of many more well-known artists. Digital collage by Beeple, titled Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, sold for $69.4m in an online auction, “positioning him among the top three most valuable living artists”. 

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