Well, this week hit all records with some interesting news. Bitcoin broke $ 15,500, the USDT market cap crossed $ 17 billion, Ethereum 2.0 launched its deposit contract, and all this against the background of news from the US, where Biden and Trump are fighting for the white house. Of course, the whole crypto community is closely following the election news, and even more, some made crypto donations to Biden’s campaign.

Read about this and other news in our summary of the main and current affairs in the cryptocurrency market this week: 

  1. Exactly 12 years after the whitepaper was released, Bitcoin’s price started growing and overcame $14K. Along with the question of why Satoshi Nakamoto chose October 31st, Halloween, to publish the Bitcoin whitepaper, the crypto community wondered how the election would affect Bitcoin, will it rise or will it fall. Here we are, the Bitcoin price by the end of week broke $15,500 and who knows where the ceiling of its rapid growth will be. 
  1. Ethereum 2.0 began the launch process as the deposit contract went live. Ethereum stakers will now be able to deposit their 32 Ether (ETH) deposits to the contract, which means staking is now available for Ethereum 2.0. Right after this news, $1,000,000 was locked in $ETH 2.0 in 30 minutes, eight hours later there was already $5M staked. By the end of this day, the record number of wallets now holding at least 32 ETH had hit an all-time high of 126,852 wallets. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin also sent $1.4M Ether for staking.
  1. Despite the crypto community having been taken over by the U.S. election and our team is no exception, we have not forgotten to improve the security of our wallet. This week we launched a new Passcode Feature. Now Lumi Wallet users can choose a more strong PIN for their wallets on their own. Several options are available: 4-digit and 6-digit numeric code or strong alphanumeric code. You are welcome to test this newest option and share your feedback. 
  1. We can’t ignore the US election in our digest, especially after the CEO of crypto derivatives exchange FTX donated $5M to the Biden campaign and crypto-powered predictive markets showed prosperity during this election. Roughly $16 million worth of TRUMP tokens were traded on FTX yesterday, while BIDEN tokens pushed nearly $6 million. 
  1. Last week we covered the news that the USDT (Tether) stable coin was chosen over Bitcoin as the payment asset for IPO due to its price stability. This week, USDT hit its record as its market cap crosses $17 billion
  1. The fatal mistake of one crypto market participant led to him paying $9,000 in fees for a $120 Uniswap Defi transaction, which is 80 times the transaction value. As this user said, he mistakenly quoted 200,000 in the “Gas Price” input field, instead of the “Gas Limit” field, and ended up paying far above the current 31 Gwei gas price.
  1. An anonymous crypto user has just moved 69,370 Bitcoin from an address associated with the Silk Road darknet market. Is it hacking or someone we don’t know transferring Bitcoins? Interestingly, in September a Twitter user asked the crypto community for solutions on how to gain access to 69,370 coins, he even suggested a quantum computer as a potential way to determine the private keys.

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