This week, there was a noticeable rise in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin reached the 38k mark after having fallen to 29k. Ethereum broke its historical high for the second week in a row. The last flight to the moon was before 1700. Due to the high demand for the asset, the average commission amount on the Ethereum network exceeded $20 for the first time. Of course, do not forget about the new DOGE push from Elon Musk, after which the value of the cryptocurrency increased again by 60%.

There is so much going on in the world and Lumi is not standing still. We have some great news. The Apple pay feature brought the Lumi bitcoin wallet to the Top 10 of the App Store. Also, Apple Pay is now available in Lumi Web Wallet.

Now we will tell you about all the most important news of the outgoing week.

1. The market capitalization of the DeFi sector has reached a new record high of $40 billion, of which $30 billion is in decentralized protocols.

2.  The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused three partners of cryptocurrency startup Bitcoiin2Gen of fraud for $11.4 million in an ICO involving Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. The three are Kristijan Krstic, John DeMarr, and Robin Enos. DeMarr has been arrested and is facing criminal charges by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). In February 2018, actor Steven Seagal became a brand ambassador for Bitcoiin2Gen and actively promoted the ICO campaign on social networks. The startup raised $75 million. In early March 2018, the New Jersey Securities Bureau halted the ICO of the Bitcoiin2Gen project to protect investors from possible fraud.

3. The Indian authorities plan to create their own cryptocurrency and ban all others. This decision will pave the way for the popularization of the sovereign digital currency. India is currently ranked 23rd in Google trends for “cryptocurrency,” and is continuously rising in the ranking.

4. According to the latest Kaspersky report, scammers target Discord users, a popular chat server platform among gamers, by offering them free Bitcoin or Ethereum on a fake exchange platform.

5. A demonic digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain has been sold for 450 ETH via peer-to-peer marketplace OpenSea. The purchaser was “immediately” attracted to Hashmask on Twitter due to the “Basquiat style” – a reference to noted Manhattan-based artist Jean-Michel Basquiat – and its several layers of “subjective scarcity.”

6. Recently Lumi released a new update – Bitcoin Segway and multiple ETH Accounts . This has helped us to increase the speed of transactions, reduce the commission, and provide additional protection against fraud. The growing interest from crypto users and a significant influx of new users helped the Lumi Wallet app enter the top 10 apps on the iOS US market for the “Bitcoin” and “crypto wallet” queries. After adding a new payment method in the app, We can say that purchases via Apple Pay already account for 20% of the total turnover on iOS.

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