The week passed quickly, didn’t it? Friday’s rapid rise in some cryptocurrencies took many holders by surprise. DOGE increased by 10X in a day. And Elon Musk’s push stopped Bitcoin’s decline. Everyone who wanted to relax by the end of the week has already tensed up and is now waiting for a downturn over the weekend.

Now we will tell you about all the most important news of the outgoing week.

1. On Monday the balance of Ethereum on exchanges reached a 15-month low of 15.4 million ETH ($20.5 billion). Simultaneously, the number of addresses containing more than 0.1 ETH reached a new high of 3,756,147, which indicates the interest of small investors. ETH broke through the historical maximum of $1,470.

2. Lumi developers talked about the latest update in the app. Read the new article on the Lumi Blog about the two main flaws in the Bitcoin protocol and the solution found.

3. The American has installed a mining rig in his BMW i8, running the compact set up on the auto’s hybrid-electric power system! It isn’t particularly practical, however, as the boot (or trunk, for you Americans) has to remain open or else the whole thing overheats. But it’s not about being practical, so says Byrne, it’s about aggravating gamers, apparently. Says he’s trying to build a cryptocurrency ‘utopia’.

4. Reddit partners with Ethereum Foundation to boost scaling and resources. According to the Reddit administrator, the partnership aims to increase the site’s ” commitment to blockchain, accelerate the scale and resources of the Ethereum ecosystem, and bring the value and independence of blockchain technology to millions of reddit users.”

5. Student covers university debt with crypto gains. Thomas Bloor, a chemical engineering student at UCL, paid off his student overdrafts by investing in Bitcoin. He turned £3,500 into £30,000 in nine months without any real effort. Fantastic news about the possibilities of investing in cryptocurrency. The hero of the story also believes that the media writes too much negative information about cryptocurrency. Everyone should conduct their own investigation to decide to start a cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

6. Mobile crypto wallets are under threat due to the vulnerability of iOS 14.4, which allows hackers to gain remote access to devices. The technical head of Coinbase called for updating the systems at the earliest opportunity.

7. DOGE has taken off again unexpectedly for every fan of cryptocurrency memes. In just 24 hours, the value of Dogecoin increased by 1000%, which is why many exchanges closed the withdrawal of funds. For example, Binance. The network overload lasted for several hours, and it seemed that the pumping was over, but the second wave began, which was also picked up by the first cryptocurrency. Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, on their Twitter accounts, wrote one word – bitcoin. After that, the cost of BTC for a couple of hours increased by 20%.

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